White-label best practices

The demand to buy, hold and trade crypto assets such as Bitcoin, tokens, blockchain financial instruments, and even creating and issuing new coins has exponentially grown since the inception of the blockchain. This has created not only a more dynamic financial ecosystem but one that now overlaps into other industries. Has given various types of businesses the opportunity to leverage crypto technology in new and interesting ways. More on launching your crypto exchange here.

Read on for more best practices and how to launch your own crypto exchange.

Coin listing

Coin listing sites are an invaluable tool to get your coin the attention you want it to have. They can act as an effective way to draw potential customers window shopping for new opportunities.

Sadly getting your asset onto such a site is not as simple as making an account and sending off a form. These listing sites have individual criteria that must be fulfilled, but there are some general guidelines that will assist you in getting listed and bring the biggest benefit to your asset.

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Exchange Success in 10 Steps

  1. Pick easy-to-setup white-label
  2. Select a domain and connect it
  3. Connect a wallet software that connects to multiple chains/networks
  4. Use a good trading engine
  5. Provide crypto liquidity
  6. Setup and customization
  7. Learn how the users management system works
  8. Find good communication software
  9. Learn the administration tools
  10. Use a help desk

Read more on our blog at https://hollaex.webflow.io/blog/how-to-achieve-exchange-success-in-10-steps

Coin listing

Understand how prices for currencies and fungible assets work. Study price discovery and how they are formed. In any quickly evolving industry, there is significant advantage to being an early adopter. In no field has this concept been made more clear than in crypto. The dramatic increase in interest in crypto is self-evident and what used to be a somewhat niche interest of the technically minded, has exploded onto the stage and into all layers of society worldwide.

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