How to stay up-to-date with HollaEx

HollaEx white-label exchange software and the HollaEx exchange network are consistently being updated, and the best way to keep stay updated with what is going on is to follow HollaEx on Twitter and Telegram. On HollaEx's social media page consistent updates and message about cloud upgrades and downtime as well as news and features will consistently be posted. The Discord channel includes more detailed notifications on the new coins being added and the coming updates.

Updating my exchange

Within the initial exchange dashboard, where the hosting is managed there is an apply upgrade button that will be available when there are updates. Visit to update your platform.

Other useful information

🗣️  Learn from the exchange community in the forums at
🐦 Keep up to date on the HollaEx latest at
🔧 Join the exchange engineer community on Discord at
🌐 Download the exchange kit source from GitHub at
👉 Create your own exchange at
📚 Dive into the how-to docs at
🏠 Learn more about HollaEx at

🙋For help or miscellaneous inquiries visit

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