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Your markets, your coins, on your domain! HollaEx® is more than just a white-label exchange, it is an open-source crypto kit that connects your business to the blockchain world.

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How does HollaEx Work?


exchange set up

Add your coins and markets to your exchange and host it locally or on the cloud.


Branding & customizations

Customize your platform and start marketing it your own website.


Onboard your Users

Onboard your users and allocate your digital assets. Invite your team to help manage.

"Not just a white-labeled crypto exchange solution, HollaEx has given KoinKoin access to a network of like-minded exchange operators & the ability to make digital assets available across Africa & beyond."

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Why use our white label?

Elevate your exchange effortlessly with HollaEx®. Swiftly configure your crypto coins and markets, while our intuitive white-label solution expertly handles blockchain technicalities. Designed for seamless integration, our platform empowers developers and business leaders alike to focus on what truly matters—your business success.

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Master Your Exchange with Operator Controls

Master your exchange dynamics with our Admin Operator Controls. Deploy capital, craft user-tiered account structures, adjust trading fees, set up APY rewards staking pools, and unlock the possibilities of our top-notch white-label software.

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Automated trade matching engine inside

HollaEx® is crafted for those who prefer a no-nonsense approach to their exchange solution. Uncover unparalleled accessibility, autonomy, and a custom-made, lightning-fast trade matching engine inside the heart of your exchange.

Award winning white label software

HollaEx is a leader in Cryptocurrency Exchanges on G2

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White label software FAQ

How secure and safe is the exchange solution?

The exchange software has been in production and extensively battle-tested, with numerous audits for over 6 years.

The front end is built in ReactJs with server's APIs primarily in NodeJS. The full system is built with high standard in security policies and applies with all the best code practices in a micro service architecture environment. The wallet software is closely integrated into secure IBM hardware and has been used in the past by well as regulated exchanges in Asia and world and sustains a long and solid track record in the crypto industry.

NOTE: Exchange that require an on-premise solution with digital asset self-custody can make a custom request by filling in their 🔗platform's requirements here.


I want to find examples of successful exchange using HollaEx?

Available publicly is a 🔗white label customer stories sections and the 🔗HollaEx Pro exchange which trades 24/7 with operational deposit and withdrawals that uses 100% of the 🔗HollaEx Kit exchange software. Anyone can try trade on the HollaEx Pro exchange with real crypto. To do so, simply register and login, deposit, and trade. Alternatively, a live market list can be viewed without registration 🔗here.

To get more information please complete this 🔗form first, once you've completed our sales agent will reach out to you.


Can I host my exchange somewhere else?

Certainly. HollaEx is meticulously designed to be effortlessly self-hosted on your own on-premise. You can delve into the details of the initial setup in our 🔗documentation here. Self-hosted exchanges, including DIY Basic and Boost, are connected to the public HollaEx Network.

If you're interested in establishing your own private exchange network, simply complete this🔗form and share all your exchange requirements in detail.

Exchange Plans

Is there any trial to test the exchange before purchasing any plans?

Currently, there isn't a trial version of HollaEx. However, for testing purposes, the 🔗on-premise DIY Basic offers a complete freeware version of HollaEx that is ideal for testing. Basic on-premise exchanges require additional setup and self-host of the exchange system. If running your own DIY Basic exchange isn't within your team's skill set, you can explore our 🎮interactive demo available here.

Additionally, there is a live running production version of an the exchange called 🔗HollaEx Pro, with market access through this direct link → 🔗

If you have any questions or would like to speak to a sales agent, please share your details by 🔗completing this form first.


How are wallets being managed?

The exchange's funds are safeguarded using the HollaEx natively build wallet. This specialized wallet, exclusively designed for exchange businesses, diligently monitors, manages, and secures crypto assets. Integrated seamlessly into our platform, the wallet is indepdently designed and has zero counter-party risk and reliance on third-party systems, and employs advanced security techniques to ensure the safety of cryptocurrency assets even during high-volume exchange operations.

All exchanges within the HollaEx Network come equipped with a built-in wallet, that allow for secure management of exchange funds and to automatically process in and out going blockchain transaction to and from your exchange and user's wallets. The Operator Control Panel (blue admin), an integral part of the HollaEx white label exchange software, comprehensively displays all user accounts and balances. The exchange wallet includes a robust set of counter measures to prevent attacks, including two-factor authentication, DDoS protection, encryption and more. To learn more about the security features please visit our docs 🔗here.

Admin view on user's profile and their wallet. All admins have access to each user balances, transactions and can monitor and manage their accounts when needed.
Wallet & Transaction

Can I use a different wallet custody such as Bitgo and connect that to my exchange?

This is possible for verified and vetted teams. Your exchange will be self-hosted (on-premise) with your wallet of choice, consultation, training and exchange customization. To apply please share a detailed description of your venture, wallet and crypto platform's requirements 🔗here.

Wallet & Transaction

How does the revenue sharing work?

All exchanges within the HollaEx Network participate in a unique revenue-sharing model, where a portion of their trading fees contributes to a collective pool, fostering a collaborative financial ecosystem. It's worth noting that each exchange plan entails minimum trading fees, detailed on our pricing page: 🔗 or conveniently accessible through your exchange's 🔗billing page.

Notably, it's crucial to note that Voyager on-premise exchanges operate autonomously, setting themselves apart from the HollaEx Network, and uniquely, they do not engage in revenue-sharing practices. To apply for Voyager exchange please complete this 🔗form.


How does the custody management work?

Our platform features a proprietary exchange wallet, a self-contained wallet with no counter-party risk. This specialized, built-in wallet within the white label is tailored for exchange operations, employing advanced encryption and secure storage techniques to deliver institutional-grade security for your cryptocurrency assets and keys.

In specific cases a custom wallet for self-custody can be integrated. Please complete this 🔗form detailing your custom wallet requirements.

White Label

What is the main difference between cloud and on-premise exchange?

The cloud exchange plan provides assisted exchange deployment, hosting and secure management of the exchange's server. You can start by deploying your cloud exchange with few clicks and enjoy a fully automated and smooth experience.

An on-premise exchange on the other hand needs to be deployed on your servers and you need to have technical knowledge and experience to get it started and maintain it.

There are upgraded plans for both cloud and on-premise with added features that you can check on 🔗pricing page.

Note, due to overwhelming demand and the unique complexity of each on-premise exchanges, one-on-one support can't be provided for DIY Basic, however the voluntary help can be found on the public 🔗Forums and 🔗Discord. On-premise exchange operator must take complete responsibility for their own crypto exchange system, or use a 🔗cloud exchange system.

Exchange Plans

What do I need to run the HollaEx Kit on my server?

For system requirements for running HollaEx please read the 🔗the getting started docs.

Below 👇 is a run down of the key requirement for running your own on-premise (self-hosted) exchange. Click for details on each:

  1. 🔗HollaEx Dashboard Account
  2. 🔗System meeting minimum requirements
  3. 🔗Compatible operating system (Linux, macOS, etc.)
  4. 🔗Required packages installed (docker, docker-compose, etc.)
  5. 🔗Production prerequisites (your domain, AWS, SMTP, etc.)
Exchange Plans

How do I cancel the service?

If you wish to discontinue the service you can stop your exchange by terminating it through the dashboard hosting. Proceed to Hosting → Danger Zone and terminate your exchange to stop the exchange and your subscription.

Account & Payment

What payment methods are accepted to pay for HollaEx services?

We accept card payments and various types of cryptocurrencies for our payment processing. Notably, 🔗XHT payments, which are entitled to a discount during the checkout process (check in your HollaEx dashboard billing checkout). You can choose to pay monthly or opt for yearly subscriptions, with yearly plans offering substantial savings of around 30%.

For 🔗on-premise DIY Basic, there are no usage fees. However, operators are required to complete verification and independently deploy and host the exchange.

Note, revenue sharing apply to exchanges that use HollaEx Network.

Account & Payment

Do you offer IOS, Android app for exchange?

The HollaEx white label exchange does not include a dedicated iOS or Android app version as it is sold separately. However, a dedicated desktop application for Windows and macOS is available, specifically designed for the professional trader market. To access the app, please reach out at

While the exchange website is fully compatible with mobile devices and is responsive, you can access the mobile web version through the mobile browser. Moreover, we provide open source code built in React Native, allowing you to build your own version for free.

Exchange Features

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