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HollaEx Q&A

In this Q&A session, HollaEx co-founder Adrian answers some of the most vital questions for those interested in getting into the white-label HollaEx software.

Best Practices Of Crypto Crypto Coin Listing

When creating a new coin, how do you ensure its success? This article explains the best practices when starting out, and how HollaEx can assist.

HollaEx Is Connecting Businesses To DeFi With Chainlink Price Feeds

HollaEx on Chainlink today on how DeFi systems like Chainlink price feeds provide businesses easier access to blockchain

Crypto Exchange: You Can Start Your Own – Here’s How

Crypto exchange: You can start your own, according to HollaEx, a white-label open source crypto exchange software provider.

How to list on CoinGecko

Anyone who has launched their own cryptocurrency is probably aware of how important it is for your token to be listed in the ‘right’ places. For many crypto entrepreneurs, these ‘right’ places are usually crypto exchanges and token listing platforms like CoinGecko.