HollaEx Token

HollaEx Token (XHT) powers the HollaEx exchange ecosystem. List coins, stake and get exclusive discounts with XHT.

What is XHT?

XHT is the ultimate utility token operating on the ERC-20 token standard.

XHT's finite supply and integration into the open marketplace system HollaEx makes it a valuable unlocking token, and is most commonly used for coin listing for new custom asset.

How does HollaEx use XHT?

HollaEx exchange software uses XHT not only for adding and activating new tokens and coins, but also as an integral part of the tokenomics of the ecosystem as it provides incentives to core contributors and aids in the coordination of HollaEx governing models.

Want to dive even deeper?
Read all about the XHT tokenomics and the HollaEx ecosystem in the whitepaper 📄.

Who is it for?

XHT is for those that want to get the most out of HollaEx exchange ecosystem. It can be used to activate extra exchange features on the white label software such as coin and token listing. Operators that want to add their own custom digital asset coin to their exchange for trading can donate XHT to have it activated on their platform and the HollaEx Network.

All stakers of XHT are contributing to open crypto exchange infrastructure and for their service are rewarded bonus XHT.

Anyone can contributing to the HollaEx by participating in the XHT/USDT open market.

‣ Operators can use XHT to activate new custom coin & markets on their own exchange

‣ XHT exchange rate is free-floating on various trading venues

‣ XHT bonus rewards are distributed to stakers. Rewards are generated from the network activities on HollaEx.

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How does XHT staking work?

XHT works in a similar way to other staking system. Those that lock up XHT are rewarded XHT in return. Staking XHT longer will grant extra bonus XHT rewards to the stakers. Staking XHT is done via the DeFi method and requires a wallet that you control under your own custody.

We recommend MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet chrome extension. Simply, click connect and input how much and how long you'd like to stake.(Previously known as 'HollaEx collateralization')