Coin & Market Listing

Add, list and distribute your token or coin. Pair it up against USDT & get your coin's price discovery & market going.

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Web3 with HollaEx

Add or create coins & tokens

HollaEx has a built in coin system that is easy-to-use. New coins and tokens can be added or created and made ready for trading. Pro & Fiat master plans include 1 free token and market listing or you can donate 10,000 XHT to activate your coin listing!

Coin price discovery

Price your coin or token with a full orderbook system with price chart and historical trade data. Build confidence through a transparent price discovery process.

Drive your tokenomics

HollaEx is a full fledged exchange that can be used to establish your tokenomics. Find out how to upgrade to Web3, distribute, inform, reward, price and start transacting with your token on your own exchange.

Get listed on HollaEx Pro

Already have a token or coin? Want to get it listed on HollaEx Pro Exchange. Simply reach out and answer a few questions to check if your asset is fit for listing. Already have your own exchange? Get your token listed by donating 10,000 XHT.

Frequently asked questions

What are the coins supported in HollaEx?

Simply login to your exchange dashboard to view the most updated list of assets and markets supported by HollaEx.

Alternatively, on you can view the live liquid markets that are available to all exchange operators.

Can I add my custom coin?

Yes. If you have a coin already you can easily add them, however custom coins require activation. By default. HollaEx provides a selection of the most popular assets such as BTC and ETH which can be added instantly.

Creating brand new crypto assets and trading pairs on the fly is also possible on the dashboard.

Do I have to add a market pair for trading?

In order to make a market an asset should be paired up against another asset for the purpose of pricing and trading. Market pairing is accomplished through either an orderbook or an OTC broker system, both includes an easy step-by-step set up in the Operator Control Panel.

However, HollaEx can be set up without markets and with only a wallet. A wallet will still allow for deposits and withdrawals.

Do I have to pay to add new assets and markets?

In order to add a new coin/token or a new market (trading pair) a 10,000 XHT donation is required for activation.

Higher level cloud exchange plans include 1 free activation, including DIY Boost.

How to integrate my exchange with a bank to support fiat?

To integrate fiat currencies you either have to upgrade your cloud exchange to a Fiat Master plan subscription or upgrade your DIY exchange to DIY Boost. With the Fiat Master plan the integration will be taken care of with the fiat bank integration and KYC/AML option of your choice.

(Note, a banking or payment processor partnership should be first established)

For more frequently asked questions please visit the FAQ & Help page.

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