Coin listing and market building

Create, add and list your coin for trading. Build your own crypto markets and coin prices.

How coin listing works with HollaEx


ADD and setup your COIN

Add your custom coin or token contract address on the exchange starter dashboard or your exchange's admin panel.


Activate your coin

Activate your coin by donating XHT and gain access to our global network of traders.


list coin on exchange

Make a market by pairing up your coin against USDT or other currencies on your live exchange!

Create, add and list your coins on your own exchange

Listing a coin on a cryptocurrency exchange can be costly on time and resources. Often exchanges will demand high volumes and large market capitalization from day one which is challenging for new coin and token projects. HollaEx® provides an alternative system by allowing anyone to run their own exchange, which allows for control over trading pairs and better marketing of their coin.

Running an exchange also makes it easier to manage tokenomics and includes things like coin supply and token distribution. With your own exchange, you have the flexibility to adapt and make changes to the tokenomics of your coin as needed, without needing to go through complex processes.

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Build your tokenomics system

Add or create coins & tokens

HollaEx® has a built in coin system that is easy-to-use. New coins and tokens can be added or created and made ready for trading. Crypto Pro, Fiat Ramp and DIY Boost plans include 1 free token and market listing.

Coin price discovery

Price your coin or token with a full orderbook system with price chart and historical trade data. Build confidence through a transparent price discovery process.

Drive your tokenomics

HollaEx® is a full fledged exchange that can be used to establish your tokenomics. Find out how to upgrade to Web3, distribute, inform, reward, price and start transacting with your token on your own exchange.

See a live example

Want to see a live example of an exchange in action? Check out the HollaEx Pro Exchange which is good example of what your coin will get when going live with your coin listing. It includes simple Quick Trade interface, crypto OTC Broker and orderbook markets with full historical coin price charting.

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Comprehensive how-to coin listing videos

Adding New Assets — HollaEx White Label Solution Exchange

This video guide will showcase how simple it is for you to take any crypto token or coin digital asset (ERC20, TRC20 & BEP20), whether your own personal one or not, and allow your anyone on your own platform to then trade with it with dynamic pricing.

OTC Broker 5 Quick Tips - HollaEx White-Label Solution Exchange

HollaEx not only allows you to list on a tradtional orderbook market, but also gives the ability to list on an easy broker OTC market. This quick video gives 5 easy hints to ensure token and coin listers can use the OTC Broker to best benefit their markets as much as possible.

Listing Custom Token or Coin on Your Exchange — HollaEx White Label Software

HollaEx makes listing new custom coins easy. This video shows how to create a token on the blockchain using Ethereum's ERC-20 token protocol, and then how to put it on your own crypto exchange using the HollaEx white label crypto system.

Simple coin activation and listing system

By simply donating 10,000 XHT (HollaEx Token) you not only list your coin on your own platform but network wide across all HollaEx powered exchanges! Giving your coin greater chance of getting found and listed on other platforms within HollaEx Network.

All donations go towards the XHT staker. Learn more about XHT and the tokenomics here.

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About us

What are the coins supported in HollaEx?

Simply login to your🔗exchange dashboard to view the most updated list of assets and markets supported by HollaEx.

Alternatively, on 🔗 you can view the live liquid markets that are available to all exchange operators.

Note, generally the coins with the largest market cap are added on a periodic based, however any operator can add a custom assets via donating 🔗XHT to the activation and stake pool.

Coin & Market Pairs

Can I add my custom coin?

Yes. If you have a coin already you can easily add them, however custom coins require activation. By default. HollaEx provides a selection of the most popular assets such as BTC and ETH which can be added instantly.

Creating brand new crypto assets and trading pairs on the fly is also possible on the dashboard.

Note, higher level cloud plans include 1 free custom coin activation.

🔗Learn more here.

Coin & Market Pairs

Do I have to add a market pair for trading?

In order to make a market an asset should be paired up against another asset for the purpose of pricing and trading. Market pairing is accomplished through either an orderbook or an 🔗OTC broker system, both includes an easy step-by-step set up in the 🔗Operator Control Panel.

However, HollaEx can be set up without markets and with only a wallet. A wallet that is fully connected to various blockchains which will allow for deposits, various payments, coin distribution and withdrawals of various digital assets.

Coin & Market Pairs

Do I have to pay to add new assets and markets?

In order to add a new coin/token or a new market (trading pair) a 10,000 XHT donation is required for activation.

Higher level 🔗cloud exchange plans include 1 free activation, including 🔗DIY Boost.

Coin & Market Pairs

How to integrate my exchange with a bank to support fiat?

To integrate fiat currencies you either have to upgrade your cloud exchange to a 🔗Fiat Master plan subscription or upgrade your DIY exchange to 🔗DIY Boost. With the Fiat Master plan the integration will be taken care of with the 🔗fiat bank integration and KYC/AML option of your choice.

(Note, a banking or payment processor partnership with access to APIs should be obtained first)

Coin & Market Pairs

Can you tell me more about HollaEx?

HollaEx is an all-in-one white-label crypto exchange taking the cryptocurrency market by storm. It allows businesses to create their own digital markets, for their own digital assets online through a DIY or cloud-hosted exchange. 

With our platform, anyone can easily connect to the blockchain-based finance ecosystem and launch self-branded crypto exchange websites. As a centralized exchange, it offers users a secure and controlled trading environment.

Coin & Market Pairs

What does the HollaEx platform do?

The platform offers a range of features, including an automatic coin deposit system, coin listing and liquidity for major trading pairs like BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT. Users can access real-time price charts, full order books, and trading capabilities.

HollaEx also provides a unique white-label solution called the DIY exchange, an open-source freeware version. Cryptocurrencies listed on an exchange, including custom digital assets, Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies, are sold using a trading orderbook, OTC crypto broker and/or various other payment methods such as credit cards and third-party payment systems. 

Coin & Market Pairs

What’s the difference between centralized cryptocurrency exchanges (CEX) and decentralized finance exchanges (DEX)?

Centralized exchanges (CEX) are traditional platforms that operate under a central authority, while a decentralized exchange (DEX) allows users to trade directly from their wallets without a central authority. Centralized exchanges have the added benefit of simpler platform customization, target a wider market due to their speed and user-friendly design. A CEX is generally best suited for conducting business.

Coin & Market Pairs

How does HollaEx ensure security for its users?

HollaEx implements robust security measures for crypto listings and trading, such as two-factor authentication, encryption, and smart contracts, to safeguard users' digital currency and personal data. Regular updates and security feature enhancements are provided to maintain a secure environment.

Coin & Market Pairs

Who can use the HollaEx exchange?

HollaEx is one of the easiest crypto exchanges to get listed on. It is used by various users and organization types, including mid-size businesses, small businesses, enterprises, freelancers, and nonprofits. Our platform is designed to cater to the needs of diverse users aiming to venture into the crypto business.

Coin & Market Pairs

Who can use HollaEx coin and market listings?

Whether you are a mid-size business, a small business, an enterprise, a freelancer, or a nonprofit, our platform is designed to cater to the needs of diverse users looking to explore opportunities in the crypto business. HollaEx welcomes anyone interested in entering the crypto market to leverage our services and benefit from our easy-to-start, user-friendly and inclusive platform.

Coin & Market Pairs

What are the benefits of using HollaEx for crypto exchange listing?

Using HollaEx for crypto exchange listings or coin and market listings, crypto companies and projects can access a diverse community of crypto traders and investors. The increased visibility can significantly enhance their chances of attracting potential investors, key stake holders and traders to their projects. HollaEx's network of exchanges also ensures broader market reach and better liquidity for listed tokens.

Coin & Market Pairs

What are the benefits of using HollaEx for crypto exchange listing? Copy

Using HollaEx for crypto exchange listings or coin and market listings, crypto companies and projects can access a diverse community of crypto traders and investors. The increased visibility can significantly enhance their chances of attracting potential investors, key stake holders and traders to their projects. HollaEx's network of exchanges also ensures broader market reach and better liquidity for listed tokens.

Coin & Market Pairs

What is the listing process for crypto projects on HollaEx?

The crypto exchange listing requirements and process may vary based on the specific exchange within the HollaEx network. However, generally, projects need to demonstrate legitimate use, strong community support, and compliance with regulatory standards. Once these criteria are met, the project is thoroughly evaluated to ensure it aligns with the exchange's policies and goals.

Coin & Market Pairs

Are there any specific requirements for token developers who want to list their tokens on HollaEx?

Token developers must meet specific criteria, including a legitimate use case, compliance with regulatory standards, and active community support, to be considered for listing on HollaEx exchanges. To learn more about asset token digitization on our blog at🔗

Coin & Market Pairs

How can I buy or sell cryptocurrencies on HollaEx?

Users can deposit funds into HollaEx Pro exchange account and trade, or users can deposit on any HollaEx powered exchange. For buying software related services, there are various payment methods, included on the dashboard. For large payments and wire transfers contact us. For direct listings either you can use a plan that includes the coin activation/listing or make a XHT donation. Once a custom asset is listed on a crypto exchange the wallet for that asset will be available to all trades on that platform with trade execution options though an orderbook or OTC depending on the platform's operators exchange platform setup.

Coin & Market Pairs

Does HollaEx cater to beginners and experienced traders?

Yes! HollaEx provides user-friendly interfaces and trading tools suitable for beginners while offering advanced trade features and technical analysis tools for experienced traders.

Coin & Market Pairs

Why should I choose HollaEx?

HollaEx is backed by a dedicated core team with expertise in blockchain development and the crypto market. The platform supports the top cryptocurrencies and offers a user-friendly mobile app for trading on the go. By charging competitive exchange listing fees, HollaEx provides opportunities for crypto projects to get listed, increasing their chances of success in the crypto space.

Coin & Market Pairs

Coin listing pricing & payment

What does HollaEx offer in terms of payment methods?

For cryptocurrency projects, HollaEx accepts various payment methods, including PayPal, credit cards, and various types of crypto. A discount is provided on any XHT payments. 

Coin Listing Pricing

What type of pricing plans does HollaEx platform offer?

HollaEx aims to empower projects by providing a platform with lower fees than traditional listing agencies. HollaEx’s Crypto Pro plan and all other higher level plans include 1 token activation and listing. The plans offer several pricing plans to suit different needs, so you can choose one for your crypto business model. 

Basic DIY plans are available for FREE, while cloud plans start at $700 a month or $5,500 per year (discounted rate for annual payment). By offering cost-effective solutions, HollaEx ensures crypto projects can allocate more resources to their development and marketing efforts to thrive in the competitive crypto space.

Coin Listing Pricing

Do companies with crypto tokens need to pay additional charges for listing on HollaEx?

The listing and activation of the token is permanent, and depending on the exchange plan the listing may be included (Crypto Pro plans, etc.) There is however operational costs (server hosting costs or cloud costs) to keep the exchange live.

Coin Listing Pricing

What are the crypto exchange listing fees on HollaEx?

The crypto exchange listing fees cost 10,000 XHT (HollaEx Tokens), roughly equivalent to US$2,000 as of Aug 2023. This is a competitive price compared to other more prominent platforms where the coin listing fee can be more than US$1,000,000.

In addition, the average cost of coin listing in the market generally falls between US$10,000 to US$30,000. However, this can vary.

Coin Listing Pricing

How does HollaEx determine the exchange listing fees for cryptocurrencies?

HollaEx crypto exchange listings are consistently 10,000 XHT per listing, however certain plans will include a free listing. In addition, only the higher level plans will include the custom coin listing:

  • Plan: Crypto Pro, Fiat Ramp and DIY Boost allow for custom coin activation and listing. They also include a free activation for one free custom digital asset or token.
  • Token type: HollaEx considers the classification of cryptocurrency tokens, whether utility tokens and if it is an ERC-20, or other blockchain based token (reach out to get your token evaluated for listing). Different token types may have varying complexity and requirements, influencing the token activation and listing processing times.
  • Market demand: The level of crypto market demand for the cryptocurrency token is a significant factor in setting up the token for listing. Tokens with higher demand and potential for trading volume often attract more attention from investors and traders, which impacts the speed of listing.

Trade volume and liquidity: The token's historical trade volume and liquidity play a role in determining listing fees. Tokens with higher liquidity are more likely to generate significant trading volumes, benefiting both the exchange and its users. HollaEx however includes an OTC desk for new token listing to more easily control the distribution and liquidity.

Coin Listing Pricing

Our products and services

Does HollaEx have a mobile app for trading on the go?

HollaEx does offer an exclusive mobile app for select clients (reach out to HollaEx to get access to our app). The app allows users to trade cryptocurrencies conveniently from their smartphones. The app works for mobile Android and iOS, as well as desktop systems such as Windows and macOS. Note, extra fees apply for the HollaEx White Label Exchange App.

HollaEx services

What are the top cryptocurrencies available on HollaEx?

HollaEx features a diverse range of popular cryptocurrencies available for trading, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top crypto assets. Login to your exchange dashboard to view the most updated list of assets and markets HollaEx supports.

HollaEx services

What is HollaEx's coin and market listing service?

HollaEx's Coin and Market Listing service is a platform that facilitates the inclusion of various cryptocurrencies and tokens on different crypto exchanges. It offers a seamless and efficient process for crypto projects to get listed on an exchange, gaining exposure to a broader audience of potential investors and traders.

HollaEx services

What are HollaEx's core products and services?

HollaEx offers a wide range of products and services for crypto exchange listings, including an advanced trading platform, blockchain development solutions, and community management tools. These allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, conduct technical analysis, and manage their exchange accounts efficiently.

HollaEx also offers various trading tools, including technical analysis indicators, real-time market data, and order book depth, to assist traders in making informed decisions.

HollaEx services

General FAQ

How do different countries' exchanges impact the availability and criteria of coin markets?

Each country's exchange has its own localized coin markets. For example, in South Korea, digital assets are only listed on South Korean exchanges. If you run your own exchange, you have the flexibility to create highly customized asset listing criteria, whether open or highly selective.

General HollaEx FAQ Coin Listing

What key factors do users consider when choosing the best crypto exchange?

Users often consider factors like exchange fees, reputation, trading volume, available cryptocurrencies, and security measures when choosing a crypto exchange.

General HollaEx FAQ Coin Listing

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