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HollaEx DIY Videos

DIY Exchange Setup (Local) & Kit Operation CLI Commands

This video covers the do-it-yourself (DIY) exchange setup for self hosting an exchange locally on your own machine. It utilizes the open-source white-label HollaEx Kit sourced from GitHub and walk through the most important steps in the HollaEx documentations.

Connecting your exchange to a new domain (Locally hosted)

This video will cover how to connect your own custom domain to your exchange and have it accessible from your own computer (locally) for others to access through their web browser. 💡 Ensure that ports 80 and 443 are open, and accessible through your router's settings. Read the docs for more info on custom domains.

HollaEx Setup though CLI (Command-line interface) in 11 minutes

Watch a quick exchange setup through the CLI done in 11 minutes. video on how to prepare your Linux machine for a DIY setup process of HollaEx. Docker, docker-compose, and jq, are all needed as a prerequisites for your own DIY exchange system. Read the docs for more information.

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HollaEx APIs

HollaEx provides a complete RESTful API for developers which allows full access to all the functionalities on the exchange & supports websocket for real-time updates.

Developer Tools

Nodejs library for HollaEx Kit enabled exchanges. For end users and traders to connect to HollaEx Kit exchanges. It connects to HollaEx Pro by default.

Server Status

Find out operational status for all the systems within the HollaEx Network and view any historical incidents that have occurred in the past.

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