Developer Resources

A manual for joining the HollaEx ecosystem. By builders for builders.


HollaEx provides a complete RESTful API for developers which allows full access to all the functionalities on the exchange. HollaEx also support websocket for real-time updates.

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Developer Tools

Nodejs library for HollaEx Kit enabled exchanges. This documentation is specifically for using this library to connect to HollaEx Kit enabled exchanges.

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Server Status

Find out operational status for all the systems within the HollaEx Network and view any historical incidents.

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HollaEx Kit Setup though CLI (Command-line interface) in 10 minutes

The HollaEx Kit is open-source exchange software that's always being updated. The HollaEx kit assists those that want to break into the cryptocurrency and blockchain space with their own markets. Create coins, create new markets, trade coins, and more with the kit.

DIY Exchange Setup and HollaEx Kit Operation Commands

This video will cover how to setup your own exchange on your local machine using the exchange software HollaEx Kit an open-source white-label crypto kit.

Cloud Exchange setup with bitHolla's HollaEx Kit

This video will cover how to set up a cloud exchange with bitHolla's HollaEx Kit an open-source white-label exchange software kit.

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