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Built by builders for builders. HollaEx® is the best open exchange kit for developing blockchain-powered financial systems.
datasource db {
provider = "hollaex"
url      = env("DATABASE_URL")
generator client {
 provider = "hollaex-client-js"
model Post {
id        Int @id
content   String?
published Boolean @default(false)
authorId  Int?
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Empowering Developers

HollaEx offers the most comprehensive documentation and developer resources, adhering to the global crypto CCXT standard (CryptoCurrency eXchange Trading Library). This standard revolutionizes crypto trading by providing a comprehensive toolkit.

Explore our documentation to discover the possibilities available to developers with HollaEx.

Exchange Admin APIs

HollaEx empowers operators with API docs with specialized admin APIs that provide comprehensive programmatic access to the exchange's hidden features, enabling teams to develop innovative business functionalities. With the ability to create an admin API for retrieving user information, wallet balances, orders, trades, and more, operators can seamlessly integrate these features into their operations.

Read our blog post about admin APIs and libraries.

Build Apps, Integrate Fiat Ramps, Set Up Bots, and More!

Experience seamless operations and 99% uptime with HollaEx's robust infrastructure. Effortlessly connect fiat ramps, create bots and custom apps for enhanced functionality connected to your exchange.

With many how-to videos on HollaEx's white label platform. Additionally, HollaEx seamlessly integrates with open-source OctoBot allowing your end-users to develop their own trading bots.

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· Customization

Plugins & APIs

Is it possible to add features of my choice?

Does HollaEx handle customizations?

Our white label exchange software platform is versatile, catering to businesses across various industries such as financial technology and IT companies. Its modular architecture grants us the capability to tailor the platform precisely to your unique requirements, simplifying scalability and adaptability as your business expands. Our proficient team is well-equipped to manage custom development and deliver sustained technical support, ensuring seamless operation.

HollaEx also has a plugin marketplace where extra features can be bought for your exchange as you scale and need them. With our platform, you gain the flexibility to handpick plugins and modules that align perfectly with your needs, accompanied by the reassurance of dependable support.

How can I make an API Documentation for my exchange users?

For the API docs, there is a GitHub repository 🔗 that you can utilize to build your own API documentation website.

Where do I get the API keys and secrets to develop a plugin?
What are smart contracts?

Smart contracts are programs stored on a blockchain, only running when predetermined conditions are met. When used on a crypto exchange platform, smart contracts execute an agreement between two traders to buy and sell digital assets through the blockchain and without an intermediary.

How do I add a new language to the exchange?

You need to fork HollaEx Kit repo and add a translated version with a new language by referring to en.js. Pull the request after it has been added and it will be applied in the next release.The Operator Control Panel within your exchange also includes a language editing and strings editing feature set.

Where do I customize my token's icon?

You can upload a graphic during your custom token on, or once your exchange is live you can upload a graphic while you are in the edit mode. Simply click the 'Enter edit mode' tab at the bottom left.

Watch this HollaEx YouTube video on customization to learn more.

Can I pay to get custom development done for my exchange?

Custom development is subject to review and requires that you submit clear instructions for what you are looking for. For additional customization we offer custom development packages which is hourly based and the number of hours is calculated based on how much work it takes for your exchange customization. Upgraded 'Enterprise' plan include certain allotment of exchange custom development hours.