Banxa Teams Up with HollaEx for Seamless Crypto Payment Integration

Date Published -
September 11, 2023
Banxa, the leading on-and-off ramp solution for Web3, has announced a strategic partnership with HollaEx,
Banxa Teams Up with HollaEx for Seamless Crypto Payment Integration

Banxa, the leading on-and-off ramp solution for Web3, has announced a strategic partnership with HollaEx, the white label crypto exchange provider. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the provision of fiat-to-crypto on-and-off-ramping solutions, propelling the adoption of cryptocurrencies in markets in Asia-Pacific (APAC), Latin America (LATAM), Africa, North America, Europe and Globally via 135+ countries for with Visa/Mastercard.

HollaEx's innovative white label crypto exchange solutions have earned acclaim for their user-centric design, catering to teams and business of all proficiency levels, from novice startups to experts. This partnership amplifies white label exchange HollaEx's mission to be an easy-to-use plugin for exchanges to enable fiat crypto on-off-ramping. The partnership showcases the shared dedication of both entities to addressing the increasing demand for a seamless and hassle-free digital asset trading experience.

Advantages of the Banxa and HollaEx Partnership

Amplified Global Presence: Banxa's partnership with HollaEx will extend a broader spectrum of on-and-off ramp solutions expanding on a robust global coverage that includes PayID, POLi, ACH in the U.S., SEPA in Europe, and more. This enhancement aligns with HollaEx's commitment to catering to evolving diverse local markets within the online trading exchange eco-system.

Localization of Payments: Banxa's suite of localized payment solutions will empower HollaEx’s exchange operators to onboard more users globally, effectively fostering wider crypto adoption and driving conversion rates that can exceed those of credit card-only alternatives.

Enhanced Conversions + Reduced Costs: Banxa's ability to facilitate access to local markets, fortified by licenses, registrations, and alternative payment methodologies, will contribute to improved conversion rates and cost efficiencies for users.

For exchange operators utilizing the Fiat Ramp and DIY Boost features, the Banxa plugin is now within reach. To celebrate the launch of this collaboration, we're introducing a unique limited-time offer: a 15% discount when you upgrade, equating to savings of $15,000. To avail of this offer, reach out to us at sales@hollaex.com, mentioning this deal and we will connect you with the Banxa onboarding agent. Please ensure to complete the Banxa registration in full to obtain the discount. (Note, this deal requires a plan upgrade. Contact us for more details.)

Reach out to us at sales@hollaex.com, mentioning this deal before Sept 29th!


Banxa is the leading infrastructure provider for enabling embedded crypto, empowering businesses to embed crypto seamlessly into their existing platforms, unlocking new opportunities in the rapidly evolving crypto economy.  Through an extensive and growing network of global and local payment solutions and regulatory licenses, Banxa helps businesses provide seamless integration of crypto and fiat for global audiences with lower fees and higher conversion rates. The Banxa team is building for a world where global commerce is run on digital assets, and as such has headquarters in the USA, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

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About HollaEx

HollaEx pioneers white label crypto exchange solutions, enabling businesses to establish their bespoke crypto exchange platforms. Renowned for its emphasis on user experience and design, HollaEx's solutions cater to a diverse array of traders, ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals. This collaboration with Banxa enhances the capacity to provide fiat-to-crypto on-and-off ramp solutions, thereby strengthening the foundation of cryptocurrency trading.

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