Coin Listing on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko — Best Practices

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May 19, 2022
There are some general guidelines that will assist you in getting listed and bring the biggest benefit to your asset.
Coin Listing on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko — Best Practices

Coin listing sites are an invaluable tool to get your coin the attention you want it to have. They can act as an effective way to draw potential customers window shopping for new opportunities. However your coin should have at least some pricing history.

Sadly getting your crypto asset onto such a site is not as simple as making an account and sending off a form. These listing sites have individual criteria that must be fulfilled, but there are some general guidelines that will assist you in getting listed and bring the biggest benefit to your asset.

How Should You Begin?

Listing your coin on a platform is the first step and HollaEx is a great place to start. Coin listing sites like CoinGeko and CoinMarketCap first require that the coin be listed on an exchange or even multiple ones at that. Even smaller coin listing sites follow the same general rule.

Before listing your token or coin, it is wise to get your exchange platform fully up and running, website and all. Coin listing sites will first review to see if the platform your coin is on is a legitimate price source and they do this by looking at the work put into the platform. Professionalism is key, and a good example of an exchange putting in the work can be found here. Note all the supporting dedicated information page links provided in the footer.

Ultimately, what is being looked for is what we could term ‘proof of work’ (separate from the PoW in crypto), showing the time and effort that has gone into the exchange your coin is listed on. The legitimacy of your asset will be tied to the legitimacy of the exchange it exists within, so ensure that this initial investment is taken seriously. 🔨

White label software is an option that is worth delving into as this initial step is a task in itself. Fortunately, in recent years with the rise of cost effective white-label software in the crypto space, this initial work hurdle has been lowered significantly. Tools like HollaEx allow you to set up your own exchange, one in which you can be assured of having professional standards.

Through these tools you can place your coin front and center, generating the activity that will assist in your listing application.

Luckily, once this proof can be shown, there are many other price listing websites to list on, don’t limit yourself to a single option once you are confident in your proposal:

- And many more!

Yes, I’ve listed it on my exchange and/or others! What’s next?

Here are a few things you can do after you’ve set up your platform and coin:

  • Once your coin is on a listing site it will be ranked by default by trade volume. To ensure your listing isn’t resigned to the dusty back corners of the listing sites trade volume is key. If volume can’t be sufficiently sustained, the use of a market-making service can help to lift this volume, and thus your eventual listing ranking.
  • Get your coin on alternative coin listing sites and exchanges, more listings mean more views, more eyes = more buys.
  • Potential customers won’t want to invest in a project if it appears dead or somewhat near it, so ensure to keep activity high. This could be done through social media platforms but can also be done through regular blog posts, progress reports, partnership announcements, and even videos. In addition to this current activity, historical data online showing a solid record of your asset will be hugely beneficial.
  • Generate a history of on-chain transactions on the blockchain. In particular, DEX platforms can supplement this transaction history, thus assisting in convincing coin listing websites to look upon a project, coin, or tokenomics more positively.

Nothing is working! What else can I do?

So you’ve hit a wall. Don’t panic, there are plenty of other avenues open to you. It is important to note that generally when it comes to dealing with these coin listing websites it is a good idea to reattempt only if you’ve made large amounts of progress.

Keep in mind that listing sites are likely to receive a great number of listing requests constantly. A single, strong proposal will be looked upon more kindly than a multitude of incrementally improved ones. Come back with strong evidence of progress with clear links and easy-to-review data.

  • Does the coin have an orderbook market yet? If not, HollaEx is a good place to get one going.
  • Some coin listing sites require that you get in touch with them and even have a personal call. If you have this opportunity it is best to have all your materials ready to share links and evidence of work.  In other words, the ‘proof-of-work’ mentioned earlier.
  • Providing API links from your own platforms with the necessary docs.
  • Have an easy-to-access coin info page with a market list that shows your relevant information on your platform's digital assets all accessible without having to log in. The market list could be located on your homepage or somewhere else, easily located.
  • Team up and create partnerships to list your token on other platforms.
  • In parallel with centralized platforms, try listing on DEXs.

Consistently working on your platform and your coin’s price, liquidity, and presence in multiple markets is the best strategy.

All Done! Or is it?

As with all worthwhile ventures, the work won’t be finished once listed. Now that you have your own platform and coin, it is time to partner up. For example, your token or coin’s logo can now be properly verified and added to blockchain explorers and countless wallet portfolios apps, not to mention the many new crypto apps made daily. As with all things the greater your input, the greater your output.

Wrap Up

At this stage, focus on that first step towards your goal. Listing on an exchange is the keystone that allows all the other necessary elements mentioned above to fall into place. For this reason, give this a good deal of thought, and consider the use of white label crypto tools to lower your entry barrier, allowing you to get on the road to success as soon as possible.

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