Empower Your Business with the HollaEx® White-Label Exchange App

Date Published -
March 6, 2024
An app simplifies crypto engagement, enhances credibility & offers unmatched accessibility for users.
Empower Your Business with the HollaEx® White-Label Exchange App
Propel Your Crypto Platform: Expand Your Brand Beyond the Web with Dedicated Apps for iPhone, Android, macOS and Windows.

Nothing establishes credibility more than an intuitive, accessible app that anyone can use. Browser-based access, although important, is simply not how the majority of end-users spend their time interacting with crypto - or indeed any other service in our modern world. If you want to engage your user base, you need one. Fortunately we have one, and you can use it.

The Benefits of Having an App

Apps offer unmatched performance, helping your platform build and retain engagement by making access to your services as smooth as possible. Apps are, by virtue of their UI/UX, the easiest way for users to interact with crypto. Users spend about 88% of their mobile time on apps rather than in browsers, so they are essential to ensure you capture maximum attention from your user base.

Having an app keeps your brand on the home screens of your user’s smartphones and on their desktops, and at the forefront of their minds, especially with the personalization and notifications they offer. Having your app on Google Play and Apple’s App Store confirms to your users that you are a major player in the crypto exchange market, and acts as an ongoing mini-advertisement for your business every time they unlock their phones or turn on their laptops.


Skip the Hard Work

Building an app is an expensive, difficult endeavor however, which is exactly why having one builds credibility, and why so many brands spend a fortune building one. Having an app demonstrates your technical expertise, and shows your fintech business is a serious player who cares about user experience. It creates a positive brand impression with your clients and boosts appeal. If your app sits along other major exchange apps in a user’s folder, they will, over time, associate you with one of the larger players.

But why go through the trouble? HollaEx’s white-label app is an out-of-the-box app built specifically for crypto trading, giving you the chance to instantly build a credible smartphone-enabled CEX. All you have to do is add your branding. And a little liquidity - but with HollaEx’s liquidity services offering the most popular pairs, you may not even have to do that.

Why Your Customers Need an App

Transactions are 4x more likely to occur via apps than they are on a regular website. They perform faster, are more trusted, and have a smoother engagement rail to actually making a transaction than a website ever could. If your customer wakes up in the middle of the night with a fervent desire to long BTC, they can do it simply by grabbing their phone off the bedside table, rather than having to get themselves out of bed which, even if they manage to do it, creates a lag between inspiration and action. Apps delete that lag, letting customers access the service they want faster.

HollaEx Exchange App’s Complete Suite of Features

HollaEx’s white-label app is a complete CEX experience without compromise, having every feature you’d expect from a top CEX right out of the box. Manage wallets, 2FA login, orderbook and OTC trades, advanced charting and market data, portfolio displays, biometric security and all the gesture controls you would expect from a modern smartphone app

The HollaEx app also has complete notification features. Reassure customers with notifications on successful trades, deposits and withdrawals, as well as security notifications whenever logins and account changes occur. Beyond the basics, the HollaEx app can be customized to send strategically timed alerts alongside major market movements, your in-house promotions and new campaign initiatives. Maximize reengagement with your user base. Notifications have a 143% click-through rate increase when delivered through a smartphone app - this is a feature you need.

We Make it Simple to Make it Simple for Your Users

HollaEx app allows you to customize your retail experience. If your fintech business targets retail users, you can simplify the experience down for them so they can buy, sell and safely store their crypto without any of the overwhelming distractions. If you want to make it simple for them, we can make it simple for you.

If your exchange business needs to go to the next level, then a HollaEx white-label app is the next step. Establish credibility, increase your market reach and make your customer’s experience the best it can be with a HollaEx white-label crypto app. Contact sales@hollaex.com and breaking free from the limitations of the web browser!

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