HollaEx 2.3 — DeFi inside

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April 1, 2022
The murmurs are true, more DeFi features have come to fruition on HollaEx.
HollaEx 2.3 — DeFi inside

The murmurs are true, more DeFi features have come to fruition on HollaEx. You can now find token staking, and for those DIY operators out there, a brand new subscription called ‘DIY Boost’.

This version takes the power of DeFi, the best of CeFi, and packages it in an easy-to-use crypto tool called HollaEx v2.3.

Read on to get the details on all the major updates below!

A quick reminder to check out the new HollaEx 🎥 YouTube channel where the best white-label content lives over here.

XHT farming staking

Once upon a time, we farmed bank deposit interest rates. Today, we stake tokens.

Staking is just another way to farm rewards from using your crypto and it is now possible on HollaEx Pro stake page.

How does it work? Like any other staking system the more tokens and more time you stake (AKA lock), the more XHT rewards you shall receive.

Stake XHT, receive XHT. Visit the XHT stake page and start HollaEx Token farming today!

For those that want to unstake (unlock) early, they can do so at any time, bearing the 10% slash on the principle (the amount of tokens you originally staked), plus forfeiture of any rewards generated.

More details on the XHT variable reward rates and other staking information will be coming soon on the HollaEx FAQ page.

Click 'Boost' to get the most out of your DIY exchange.

DIY boost

Now the exchange experts can take their DIY platforms and boost them! What does that mean? In summary, all the locked features found in the freeware version (DIY) of HollaEx can now be unlocked without having to use the cloud.

This allows DIY exchange operators to remain on their current setup and saves them from dealing with a new cloud model.

Click boost to active powerful DIY Boost exchange features such as more Fiat Controls and reduced revenue sharing.

More information can be found on DIY boost by simply logging into the HollaEx dashboard and clicking the blue boost button on the billing page.

OTC broker deal desk

This is where it gets good! Your very own OTC desk. OTC stands for over-the-counter and means you can create your own deals and prices for your assets.

OTC systems work well for new tokens that have no price history because operators won’t have the overhead of dealing with an orderbook. Orderbooks are inherently difficult to manage because there are multiple price levels, whilst the broker OTC only requires the management of a single sell price and a single buy price — simple.

For example, imagine you have a token you want to offer called ‘ABC’, this token has never been bought or sold before and you want to price it in USDT. You can begin doing this by offering this to your user base at a fixed USDT price that you set and your users will be able to buy the token from the easy-to-use Quick Trade interface.

OTC systems are designed to provide a straightforward pricing experience and reduce complexity in market-making operations. However, in order to do this, all OTC sales must be sourced from the operator's own crypto liquidity. The operator must set the account from within the exchange that has the liquidity (crypto inventory). Both the sell and buy-side are sourced from the operator's own wallet — not the networks.

One advantage of the HollaEx OTC desk system is that an unlimited number of markets can be created for free, so long as crypto the operator can meet any liquidity demands from his/her markets!

Exchange API keys

To unlock the true power of the network we’ve added a ‘main key’ which allows your exchange to access the HollaEx network. There is also a standard exchange that is safe to share while easy to revoke without the risk of exchange deactivation.

The standard exchange key works similarly to regular crypto exchange API keys. They allow developers and advanced traders to build programs/applications like trading bots and trading tools. Check out this video on how to transfer funds through the network or how to create orders on the orderbook via the network.

If you have a team of developers you can generate a new ‘Standard’ key and share it with them and give your developer more flexibility to build applications for your platform without compromising on security.

These keys allow for programmatic access to reading wallet balances, trading, and even withdrawals (use with caution). Keys can be further secured by only allowing usage of the keys only through whitelisted IP addresses you provide. Revoking keys can be done at any time.

The HollaEx white-label exchange kit will also include a similar API key system with more comprehensive key management and can be used by your advanced userbase using your exchange. These API keys can be used to setup trading bots, algorithms and can even assist the market management required for new coin or token marketplaces.

Your advanced users can now use a more comprehensive API key system

Email Templates

Sending test emails to check if your email system is working has been added. There is even a way to customize the default email templates provided.

To send a test email, you can go to ‘General’ and ‘Email’, here you will find the ‘Email configuration’ for the email service that you are using. At the bottom is a ‘SEND ADMIN TEST EMAIL’ text link button that if clicked will bring up a pop-up asking which email to send the test email to. Once clicking ‘confirm’ a test email with the title ‘Test Email Config SMTP’ will be sent. Be sure to search that email in your inbox.

Exchange operators can also customize their own email templates under ‘Customize emails’. First, a language can be selected, then email type, and then the HTML content of the email will be shown in the box below with an ‘EDIT EMAIL’ text link button.

While editing, if a mistake was made or you simply want to start from scratch, there is a ‘RESET TO DEFAULT’ text link that will reset to the original state.

Note, when editing emails it is important to leave the dynamic areas like ${api_name} and ${name}, these are areas will automatically fill with the user's information and other data.

Blacklisting (Geofencing)

We may try, but sometimes you just can’t service everyone all of the time. This is where geofencing, AKA blacklisting can be useful. Simply select the region of the area you’d like blocked and all IPs originating from that area won’t be able to access your platform.

Geofencing can be easily turned on or off at any time from the Operator Control Panel > General > Security page..

Custom Layout

Everyone has a preferred trading style. Some like large charts, while others want more visibility on their orders. Each pro trading tool on the screen can be repositioned and resized so that you can get your layout just right.

Other minor improvements have been made to legibility. For markets with a lot of leading zeros, they will now have a lower contrast which will make for easier number scanning for large/small amounts.

Previously, the active order tool panel would show every order but now a filter has been added for users to select what they want to see. This should reduce the clutter when trading on multiple markets at once.

Lastly, there is a brand new tool called the Depth Chart which you can read more about below.

Click and drag to zoom into an area

Orderbook Depth Chart

Like other crypto platforms, you can now find a depth chart tool within the pro trading interface. The depth chart is a useful tool for analyzing buy and sell walls and for deciphering the size of orders on a specific market in a visual way.

How do depth charts work? They simply add up all the orders from both the buy and sell side of the orderbook and displays the data in a line graph with a colored filled area representing the mass of the orders. As you hover on the depth chart the ask or bid amounts are calculated and displayed as a total up to that price level.

The depth chart can also be 🔍 zoomed into by simply clicking and dragging on an area you’d like to focus on more.

Orderbook change feedback

Improved feedback animation

Orderbook and public sales tools in the Pro Trade interface now show more visual feedback. For example, when orders are added or removed from the orderbook it will now flash in a strong visual way to indicate a change was made to the orderbook.

The same flash effect applies when sales have occurred on the public sales tool (time of sales).

Lastly, minor improvements have been made to mouse hover feedback and loading effects for key areas such as user crypto balances and markets lists.

Coin icons added to important areas to increase readability

General UI refinements

Various minor improvements to the UI have been made to increase visibility and readability by increasing font sizes and color contrast in key areas such as prices and other trade data.

Coin/token icons have also been added to tables and other important list areas in the hopes of making dense data areas more easily recognizable at a glance.

In the works

Add a new section to a page

Wouldn’t it be nice to add a new section to a page? Perhaps you want to add a crypto promotion in the form of a banner? Maybe you want to list some key features? Well, soon you will be able to easily do that via the code-inject console.

Work is being done so that anyone can add a new section (space) on certain pages on their exchange. These new sections can include text, graphics and will only be limited by the HTML skills of the exchange operator.

For those without HTML know-how, a few basic code templates will be provided that can be copied and pasted, and with a few changes, graphics and custom text can be displayed.

HollaEx app

We haven’t forgotten the app version of HollaEx. We know certain countries prefer mobile apps over the browser/web experience if only due to phone hardware limitations. Apps can offer a more efficient mobile experience which is why a HollaEx app version is in the works. Stay tuned!

As a side note, others have managed to create their own app version of HollaEx, read more about it in this thread. A great example of HollaEx being open to major customizations.

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