HollaEx 2.5 (Cognac)

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March 20, 2023
HollaEx v2.5 -- Branded, Customizable, and Secure Exchange Software for Crypto Entrepreneurs
HollaEx 2.5 (Cognac)

HollaEx version 2.5, nicknamed Cognac, is the latest major update that has just been released. With an impressive 21 features, this update averages almost one feature per week since the last major update six months ago. The release of this update comes at a time of significant changes in the crypto space, where 2022 is known as the year of the big shakeout of over-exposed, and over-leveraged players.

Despite this shakeout, recent developments in the crypto market have added buoyancy to the industry, with two key events making headlines. Ordinals has enabled the attachment of jpegs and other media to Bitcoin's blockchain causing a stir in the NFT use case market and challenging Ethereum's blockchain.

Additionally, Grayscale's case against the SEC is gaining traction, indicating that the first US Bitcoin ETF could be on the horizon, driving gains for Bitcoin and other crypto assets.

The HollaEx v2.5 white label exchange update introduces a range of new features to enhance the user experience for both operators and users. These include better customization and branding options, with the ability to pin any market to the top of the markets list, add hyperlinks anywhere, and create a new coin info page that makes it easier for token creators to publicize and market their token directly on their own branded crypto exchange.

Additionally, significant improvements have been made to security with a newer Node.js version, a marketplace for exchange plugin apps has been added, the referral system has been improved, and a QR code scanner has been introduced. HollaEx v2.5 was named after one of the finest spirits known to humanity: Cognac. Just like its namesake, this update is smooth, sophisticated, and packs a punch. So let's raise a glass (or a QR code scanner) to Cognac and dive into the exciting new features below.

Feature details

Assets Info Page

First HollaEx white label exchange will now include an Assets Info page, which differs from the market list and wallet asset list by providing in-depth information on each digital asset available on the exchange. This page will serve as a crucial component of the exchange, as it will include valuable background information such as links to the asset's homepage, block explorer, and other pertinent details.

The Assets Info page streamlines content creation and front-end development for operators, reducing the workload required for asset information dissemination. Furthermore, having their custom token prominently featured on the page can boost an operator's token legitimacy and trust, as the exchange infrastructure provides support for the token. This can also help to increase the token’s visibility and user interest. Overall, the Assets Info page is a valuable addition to the platform that can benefit both exchange business operators and token creators and communities alike.

Node.js Upgrade

Perhaps the biggest behind the scenes update to HollaEx has been the upgrade to Node.js from v10 to v16. The upgrade offers our users a more secure and stable exchange platform.

For those who might not be familiar, Node.js is a powerful and popular open-source cross-platform server environment that can run on a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Unix, macOS, and more. The upgrade brings significant improvements to security of the open-source white label exchange software by reducing risks from old library dependencies and others.

Wallet Dust Sweeper Tool

Do you find yourself stuck with small balances of various coins in your wallet that are too insignificant to withdraw? These small balances, often referred to as dust, accumulates over time and can't easily be traded due to being below the minimum trade amount required on the exchange. With the HollaEx wallet duster feature, this issue is now resolved.

Introducing the Dust Sweeper tool, which allows users to convert their dust balances into another currency. This feature is available to all HollaEx users and typically converts the dust into XHT (HollaEx Token).

For upgraded operators on higher level exchange plans they’ll have the freedom to customize their platform’s dust settlement into a different currency, such as a stablecoin or even their own custom token.

With the HollaEx wallet duster feature, users can now clean up their wallets and make use of small, previously unusable balances. This update greatly enhances the user experience, making HollaEx the preferred choice for both users and operators in the white label exchange market.

User Adjusted Market List Ordering

On the markets list page, where all the market prices, volume, and mini-charts are displayed, there is now an easy way to adjust the order of these markets. Users can choose to order markets by the 24-hour price change or the traded volume amount.

To change the order, users can simply toggle the column by clicking on the small arrows. An up arrow indicates the largest change or volume, which will be at the top, while a down arrow indicates the lowest volume and the lowest or negative changing markets at the bottom of the market list.

Additionally, changes have been made to the volume amounts displayed. Now, both the actual traded currency volume amount and the value of that in USDT or the native currency set on the exchange are shown.

Market Pinning and Default Ordering

Operators have the ability to control the default view that their users will see in the market list. They can choose to show the markets first that are the biggest gainers (Change) or show the markets first that are the most actively traded (Volume).

In addition to this, the market list now includes an option to pin any market to the top of the list. These pinned markets will remain at the top of the market list regardless of any changes made by the user. Pinning is an effective way to promote a market or an asset.

Fees and Deposit/Withdrawal Info Page

In HollaEx v2.5, the information for trading fees for each user account level tier was difficult to read and compare as it was contained in a small pop-up. In v2.5, a dedicated page has been created for trading fees and deposit/withdrawal rules to improve usability.

The fee rules are still separated into market maker (limit order trades) and taker (market order trades) rules sets. Furthermore, the information on user deposits and withdrawals is also available and formatted in an easier-to-read way.

In the coming weeks, this page will also be made public by default, allowing anyone to access the trading fee and deposit/withdrawal information without requiring a login.

Added 24h Market Price Activity Info

In HollaEx v2.5, an important and useful feature has been added to the Chart tool. The 24-hour price activity information, which is crucial market data that traders need to monitor frequently, is now displayed in a dedicated space within the Chart tool.

This feature enables users to view key details for a crypto market pinned to the top of the Chart tool on the Pro Trading page. The 24-hour price activity info is displayed in bold in the title bar space, making it easy for traders to quickly and easily access this information while they analyze the market.

By pinning key market details to the top of the Chart tool, users can efficiently and effectively monitor their trades and react quickly to changes in the market, helping them make more informed and profitable trading decisions. This feature adds a level of convenience and ease-of-use to the HollaEx platform that is sure to be appreciated by both novice and experienced traders alike.

Quick Trade Improvements

HollaEx platform has been updated to offer an even faster and smoother user experience. This page is designed to provide users with a hassle-free way to trade cryptocurrencies without having to deal with complex order books and precise limit order entry requirements.

The improvements made to the Quick Trade page have focused on streamlining the trading process, making it easier for users to execute trades quickly and with minimal effort. The page has been optimized for speed and efficiency, with a clean and intuitive interface that allows users to quickly select the desired cryptocurrency pairs they wish to trade.

Exchange App Store

The HollaEx dashboard and Operator Control Panel now refer to plugins as plugin apps, and the platform also includes the Exchange App Store marketplace. This marketplace functions similarly to popular mobile app stores like Google Play and Apple App Store, but instead provides apps specifically designed for crypto exchanges.

The Exchange App Store features a range of premium paid plugins and a few free ones that can be installed. These plugin apps enhance the functionality of exchanges and are now easier to install and remove than before, with improved accessibility for each app. Some apps will be available for free with certain level plans, while others will require the highest level plans, such as Fiat plugins, which will be accessible to Fiat Ramp and Boost exchange plans.

Plugin provides a unified API endpoint for CMC exchange listing

One example of a new purchasable plugin app is a new plugin app for operators to more easily list their exchange on CoinMarketCap with a unified API endpoints that CoinMarketCap requires in order to list new exchanges on their website.

Additional blog posts will share information on developing your own plugin app and earning cryptocurrency from these apps, as well as the plugin app infrastructure and the Exchange App Store.

Also, plugin apps can now be manually upgraded in the configuration page by simply uploading a .json file.

Overall, these updates provide business operators with a richer exchange experience, allowing them to easily access and install extra functionality to enhance their online crypto business.

Operator’s Billing Page

Along with the Exchange App Store comes the ability to purchase premium plugin apps directly on the Operator Control Panel. The new blue billing page works in a similar way to the one on the HollaEx dashboard, with the added ability for operators to make purchases for not only their exchange’s plans but also to make purchases for extra functionality from the new Exchange App Store.

In addition, the billing page now includes a credit card checkout feature that works with Stripe for those who prefer traditional payment methods. Any payments made with XHT, however, will receive a discount of 10% on all transactions, regardless of the size of the transaction.

User’s App Page

v2.5 introduces a new Apps page for users. Exchange operators can now activate this page for their users, allowing them to access and activate a variety of apps that add extra functionalities to their accounts. This feature provides users with the ability to customize their own crypto exchange experience based on their unique needs and preferences.

Stay tuned for more self-activated user apps, coming soon!

Add Text Links Anywhere

The admin now has the ability to add links while in the direct edit mode by clicking the blue pencil icon on any text string on the exchange.

The Edit String pop-up now includes a link icon that displays a code structure;

<a href="https://example.com">link</a>

The admin can insert a custom URL within the " ", and change the default text link anchor 'link' to whatever word anchor they’d like.

After clicking save, the text link will then appear as a colored underlined text with the corresponding theme's link color. The admin can Publish the changes, allowing users to see the newly added link.

Improved User Referral Data

In the past, it was difficult to know which users referred whom, and users had limited access to information about those they had successfully signed up. However, in HollaEx v2.5, much of the referral data is now available for both administrator and user.

Administrators can now view a list of all the users that a particular user has successfully onboarded onto the platform by accessing the new 'Referrals' page which is accessible on each User Profile page within the Operator Control Panel. Similarly, the user themselves can review and see who they’ve successfully signed up to the platform from the Summary page.

QR Code Scanner

Withdrawing cryptocurrency has been made even easier with the new built-in QR code feature.

Previously, copying and pasting crypto addresses on mobile devices was a hassle, but now users can simply tap on the SCAN button located in the crypto address input field to activate the camera on their phone or PC. Once the camera has permission to turn on, it will automatically detect any QR code presented to it and paste the crypto address it reads from the QR code directly into the address field.

Moreover, the deposit page has also been updated with a similar QR code feature. By clicking or tapping on the QR code icon located in the deposit address field, the user can display the QR code version of the address allowing users to share it easily with others or for their own in the moment use. These new QR code additions aim to save time for the user when depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrency.

Smoother 2FA Input

Let's face it, although two-factor authentication (2FA) is a great defense mechanism, inputting the 6-digit code can be a hassle. In this new HollaEx release, 2FA has been improved to automatically detect when the code has been entered and will verify it automatically, providing a smoother login experience when the code is correct. Saving time from having to hit enter on your keyboard or clicking/tapping the Confirm button.

If the code entered is incorrect, the 2FA pop-up will clear the input fields automatically, allowing for the corrected code to be re-entered, saving time when manually clearing the field.

More Trade Order Details

With the new ‘append order’ function in the history page's table, users can now access a wealth of information regarding their orders and executed trades. Specifically, each trade and order now comes with a corresponding ID, allowing users to easily track and match their original orders with executed trades. This feature is especially useful for tracking orders placed long ago that may have recently triggered a trade.

Furthermore, when orders are appended to the table, they display additional information such as the trigger price (stop price) and the time of the last trade associated with the order. Overall, this improved level of detail in the transaction history page enhances transparency and helps users make more informed trading decisions.

Market Drop Down Selector in Wallet

v2.5 introduces a new drop-down selector that intelligently detects and displays all available markets for that asset. This selector is located just above the ‘TRADE’ button and allows users to easily select the desired market they wish to trade in.

The new drop-down selector saves time and effort for users by providing a seamless experience in selecting the desired market for their digital asset trade and saves them from having to manually navigate to the desired market.

Easy Language Selection

Switch between languages on the exchange with the new language selector drop-down found in the top right corner of the main navigation bar.

Furthermore, the exchange builder community has now added Urdu as a new language option. Urdu, also known as Pakistani. This addition enhances inclusivity and accessibility for more users globally.

Admin Retry Transaction

The ‘Retry’ feature is intended to simplify the task of managing transactions that are either pending or stuck. When a transaction is stuck or fails to process correctly, admins can simply click on the ‘Retry’ text link to resubmit the transaction for processing on the blockchain. Alternatively, the transaction can be resubmitted for processing through fiat third-party payment systems.

This feature is a significant enhancement for admins, as it saves them time and effort that would otherwise be spent manually correcting stuck transactions. By simplifying the process of resubmitting transactions, ‘Retry’ helps ensure that transactions are processed as efficiently as possible, improving the exchange's financial operation experience.

HollaEx App

Exciting news, HollaEx has just launched the highly anticipated white label exchange app 🎉. A game-changing addition for some users who prefer a native app experience over a browser-based one.

The white label exchange app significantly enhances user-experience and speed and can be installed on Windows and macOS desktops, allowing users to access their exchange from multiple devices. With seamless connectivity to live crypto markets, this exclusive suite of apps is designed for maximum flexibility and convenience.

Not only is the app available for desktop but is also available on mobile, making it easier for exchange businesses to increase their brand power by being on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store with their own branded natively installable exchange application in an Android and iOS file format.

Join the best of the best top exchanges using HollaEx’s white label exchange app, and take your crypto business to the next level by — request access to the app now.

Don't miss out on the opportunity.

Other note-worthy updates

Some power users may have noticed that the old markets list URL has been retired and instead now all HollaEx white label exchanges use an easier to remember URL slug; /markets. This direct URL is public and can be shared with your potential investors and customers easily.

For example you can easily share a public page that does not require a login to your customers with the URL like so `myexchange.com/markets`.

HollaEx has also made several updates to its documentation and now searchable Resources page on HollaEx.com, plus new blogs and media content updates. For example, the blog page now lists some older informative articles that were not previously included in the HollaEx website rehaul update, such as ‘The History of Exchange’ and ‘Definitive White Label Guide’.

Also HollaEx remains the largest public resource on crypto white label exchange software on YouTube, with many more new additions added to the video library▶️

In addition, HollaEx regularly conducts coin votes on social media platforms, allowing the community to select and add coins to the open source white label exchange. So far, many coins have been added through community voting, two recent coins being TON (by Telegram chat app) and DASH. Anyone can vote by simply following HollaEx on social media where the votes are announced on a bi-weekly / monthly basis.

Finally, for those using the HollaEx Pro exchange, or for those businesses running their own exchange with HollaEx software they or their users can now easily set up a trading bot for free using open-source trading bot software OctoBot.

A community made video has been made here on how to use OctoBot with HollaEx. Open-source bots for open-source exchange – imagine that!

Up next

The HollaEx white label exchange platform is gearing up to add several exciting new features that will take the user experience to the next level. Among the updates in the pipeline are more data analysis tools, which will provide users with advanced analytics to inform better business management decision-making. Additionally, the platform will be rolling out more apps and plugins that allow users to customize their accounts and access additional functionalities.

One of the most significant updates coming soon is the addition of independent coin deposit and withdrawal rules.

The dashboard is also slated for an update to make it more user-friendly and intuitive, and the platform will soon launch a network stats page on HollaEx.com. This feature will provide more data on exchange count within the HollaEx Network, HollaEx Token price, staked info, coins listed, and other relevant information on the HollaEx Network of exchanges.

Finally, the user search in the Operator Control Panel will be overhauled, making it easier to locate users based on more specific details like bank processing state, transaction, country and of course email, keywords and user ID. Stay tuned for these exciting updates, which will elevate your exchange experience to new heights.

The smoothest white-label exchange platform yet

Why settle for a bland and boring exchange platform when you can sip on the smooth and sophisticated flavor of HollaEx v2.5 Cognac? With its streamlined 🗲 crypto white label exchange you can focus on what really matters: growing your business.

So raise a glass to the future of your online business with HollaEx v2.5 Cognac.🥂

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