HollaEx v2.7 (Hendrick)

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July 20, 2023
Trade More Assets via Quick Trade and Dynamically Price any Assets
HollaEx v2.7 (Hendrick)

HollaEx version 2.7, codename Hendrick, is one of the most advanced releases yet, introducing a whole new trading option as well as a host of new quality-of-life features!

Version 2.7 brings significant enhancements to the OTC Broker with the new dynamic pricing system, which opens up a world of market opportunities through Quick Trade. Additionally, we've bolstered security measures by introducing advanced session management tools, ensuring both the user and the operator more methods of protecting themselves and their platform.

Find out the details on Hendrick below.

Feature details

Dynamic Pricing Through the Crypto OTC Broker

Dynamic Pricing is the most significant addition to HollaEx in 2,7 and one of more advanced features added so far, available to exchanges on Crypto Pro, Fiat Ramp, and DIY Boost.

Dynamic pricing will allow operators to define OTC prices and profit spread automatically, noting prices from across other exchanges and using these to base the pricing of any digital asset on your own exchange. This removes the need to manually update your prices on the OTC Broker (as is the case with static pricing).

This price ‘copying’ doesn’t just have to be from a single source either, instead, multiple prices can be referenced and averaged, and then this average is set to the OTC price on your exchange. In fact any formulation can be input to the dynamic pricing.

For example, if you’d like to price a newly added custom token at roughly half the price of the US dollar (and to follow any USD fluctuations) you could reference both USDT and USDC from a platform of choice, say Binance, divide this value in two and your asset would be set at roughly ~$0.50 USD, and tradable for in the ‘Quick Trade’ screen.

This price will be rechecked regularly (more regularly for Fiat Ramp and Boost exchanges) by the HollaEx exchange system, and the price dynamically adjusted (with spread) on the fly, meaning you can relax and trust that your exchange will consistently provide 24/7, competitive, and profitable prices.

This same concept is applicable to assets with more volatile prices, where you’d be able to track say the XRP price and have your custom asset dynamically priced and pegged to the price of XRP.

Localized Pricing

The dynamic pricing is not only for custom coins and tokens, but also for repricing established assets like Bitcoin. Pricing is different everywhere and operator can now reflect the localized price differences for any of the popular digital assets.

This flexibility allows for the businesses to incorporate any country-specific factors that may influence certain price premiums, or discounts. By utilizing the dynamic OTC pricing system, operators can add price spread, or even add more advanced price formulas to create hyper specific pricing. In the advanced section operators can do basic adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying, percentage and more, to more accurately and reliably price any digital asset.

OTC Deal Hedging

In addition, there is a new hedging function. This allows for any deal that is made to be hedged on another platform. For example, if $100 USD worth of your Bitcoin is sold through your OTC desk, you’d be able to replenish the amount of Bitcoin that was sold elsewhere.

This requires funds at the ready to purchase Bitcoin. This automatic hedging is set up via an API to an exchange account elsewhere. In short, hedging tries to do the opposite trade that occurs through your OTC desk (buys back BTC as you sell BTC, and sells BTC as buy BTC). Confused? Not to worry, there will be a video explaining coming in short order to address the mechanics.

Dynamic Pricing Plan Accessibility

Dynamic pricing is available on Crypto Pro, Fiat Ramp and Boost, however, hedging will only be available on Fiat Ramp and Boost.

See dynamic pricing plan accessibility details below:

(Note, DEXs such as Uniswap are currently pending integration and will be added in the proceeding months)

Buy More Assets via the Network Swap

The HollaEx white-label crypto exchange currently provides over 50+ popular digital assets and marketplaces, however, not every tradable market will include an orderbook.

In v2.7 a new market source called the Network Swap will be included for all exchanges connected to the HollaEx Network.

Network Swap markets will be accessible via the Quick Trade page. The first few assets offered through the Quick Trade Network Swap markets are USD Coin (USDC), Gala (GALA), Pepe (PEPE) and SingularityNET (AGIX). These asset prices and liquidity sources will not originate from an orderbook but instead, be offered OTC style directly from HollaEx.

Network Swap will allow for an even more expansive list of cryptocurrencies on offer, with more being gradually added and announced. Stay tuned via HollaEx Twitter, Discord, or Telegram to know when new assets via the swap are added.

What’s Different About Network Swap?

The Network Swap, also known as the “Network Broker”, as indicated in the bottom right of the Quick Trade is an OTC deal. OTC deals use custom pricing and in the case of the Network Swap originates from HollaEx.

This means liquidity isn’t originating from a public orderbook, like through using Pro Trade, but rather liquidity is sourced privately from HollaEx Network. Note, operators can create their own OTC swap with new and custom assets (to learn more, watch the video below).

Note, all OTC Network Swap trades conducted through Quick Trade are instantaneous. This feature provides the advantage of nearly exact quotes, which may not always be guaranteed when purchasing from a dynamic public orderbook. This can be particularly beneficial for target markets that are not familiar with the intricacies of orderbook trading. It also offers a preferable interface for certain businesses.

Configure Quick Trade Markets

In version 2.7, operators have gained the ability to redirect the source of each Quick Trade market, providing more flexibility and customization options.

The Quick Trade interface is designed to be a user-friendly buying and selling system for those who prefer simplicity and are not concerned with the orderbook or price sensitivity. In the past, Quick Trade markets could not be easily customized, but now operators can configure them through the Operator Controls in the Markets section.

The new Quick Trade configuration page displays all available markets automatically. Operators can disable or reactivate specific markets to control their visibility and accessibility on the exchange.

For instance, if Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is added to the exchange, the Quick Trade interface will automatically list any available markets related to BCH. In this case, the BCH/USDT orderbook will be given priority. If no orderbook is available, the Quick Trade will utilize a Network Swap source.

Operators have the option to set up custom pricing for BCH by creating a new OTC desk specifically for BCH. They can then go back to the Quick Trade page and configure the BCH market source to the OTC desk.

Each Quick Trade market can be further configured to source prices and liquidity from HollaEx's new Network Swap, a matching Public Orderbook, or a personal OTC Desk established by the operator.

Previously, Quick Trade markets could only source from the Orderbook or a personal OTC desk set up by operators. However, with the addition of the Network Swap, operators will soon have an ever wider selection of markets to share with their user base, starting with Network Swaps for PEPE, USDC, GALA, and AGIX.

Session Management System

In v2.7 operators and end users will find a new ‘Session Management’ system that can be used to monitor and revoke sessions. Sessions refer to when an account has logged in and remains ‘Active’ (AKA: logged in). With the session management system, operators and users are given data and control over their (and in the operator's case, the exchange’s) users’ sessions.

Session Management can assist in the security of the on-exchange account by allowing that account holder to revoke sessions. This could be useful in the case where a device (say a mobile phone) with an active login has been lost.

By revoking the active session on the lost device the user (or operator) can rest assured that the account will be logged out and the account will be inaccessible from that device (until the next login).

Each session includes:

  • Last seen (When an account was last active)
  • Session started
  • Session expiry
  • Status

More information can be found by expanding the sessions table item:

  • Country of login
  • IP Address
  • Device (and browser info)
  • Successful login time

Note, the Session expiry is 24h from each Session start date. The last seen is a reference to when the account was active for that session (a user returning after say 8 hours will trigger the Last seen time to update).

Tracking and Preventing Repeat Login Attempts

Expanding on the Sessions Management tools, there is now a ‘Login History’ page (located in the Security tab) tracking all login attempts. For each successful login, an active session will be viewable on the ‘Sessions’ page.

In addition, color-coded bars will indicate the number of failed attempts.

After five failed attempts there will be a period preventing any more attempts from the same origin.

Note for exchange operators that have an app, devices that indicate ‘Dart/3.0 (dart:io)’ are referencing the app. For operators interested in an app version (.apk, .exe, iOS, macOS, etc.) please make an inquiry at sales@hollaex.com.

Operator Control — Review All User Sessions and Login History

Similar to the user Sessions Management and Login History, the admin now has a bird's eye view on all user sessions and login attempts on their exchange. The admin operator can utilize the Sessions Management in the same way, by revoking any user sessions that might be at risk due to lost devices and/or preventing unauthorized use of a user account.

Similarly the login history attempts allow a vigilant operator to track any suspicious activity and prevent unauthorized attempts on a user account early.

In addition, the ‘Logins’ page on the Operator Control also includes powerful search filters for searching for failed logins, the originating country of the login attempt, IP address and the User ID.

The Sessions also includes a filter to search for the time period of Sessions, Active and Expired sessions status on the exchange.

Operator Control — User Filter and Search

Update v2.7 improves the operator's ability to search through their users. This includes new filters such as ‘Verification Level’, ‘Bank status’ as well as searching both ‘Email’ and ‘ID’. These can all be combined to find exactly the users you want to find.

See the screenshot below for all 16 filters.

In addition, the returned list will display exactly how many users satisfy the search and filter settings input, with a small ‘Total’ indicator on the top right, above the returned results table.

Note, that the power of the search is dependent on what information on themselves the user has shared in their profiles and verifying information/ docs.

Finding Users’ Current Balances

Operators can now collect users’ balances from the exchange within a downloadable .csv file by applying filters and then downloading. The time this will take to collate will depend on how many users are on the exchange, but once complete the .csv will be downloaded and ready for use in any program that is compatible with .csv files.

Each .csv will contain the data as follows:

  • Balance (red underline in screenshot below 👇)
  • Available (Balance) (dark pink)
  • Symbol (light magenta)
  • Updated At (purple)
  • User ID (dark blue)
  • Network ID (light blue)

Note that the ‘available (balance)’ refers to the total balance minus any funds that are currently tied up in trades. For instance, if there are pending limit orders, the amount reserved for those orders will be deducted from the total balance to calculate the final available balance.

Other Noteworthy Updates

Interactive HollaEx Setup Demo

An interactive demo can be located on HollaEx website at https://www.hollaex.com/hollaex-interactive-demo showing all the steps involved for the initial exchange setup.

Interactive Exchange Demo.

For interested parties looking to see the results of a complete exchange they can use the exchange interactive demo located on G2 by scrolling down and looking for the spinning disk. 💾

New Videos

Setting Your HollaEx Exchange's Custom Domain:

The video demonstrates how operators utilizing HollaEx Cloud have the flexibility to transition from hosting their exchange using the default domain provided by HollaEx to hosting it on a custom domain URL. It highlights the seamless and efficient process of changing domains, which can be accomplished within a matter of minutes.

For more videos visit the HollaEx YouTube library at https://www.youtube.com/@HollaEx/videos

Asset Accessibility on Dashboard

The dashboard will now label assets that require a plan upgrade. For example, the Crypto Pro plan will grant access to all crypto assets, while Fiat Ramp and Boost will be the added benefit of adding fiat currencies (as well as all other crypto assets). Basic exchanges (including DIY Basic) will be limited to 4 assets of choice.

Below is a table explaining the key benefits of each plan:

New Plugins

The Exchange plugin app marketplace on the Operator Controls Panel now sports few new plugins, such as the Guardian integration plugin (included for exchanges on Fiat Ramp and Boost plans).

Other plugins such as Intercom and Crisp are also available to help operators with custom support and communication. Once bought the plugin will be activated and available for use.

Operators will then be able to connect their Intercom and Crisp accounts to their exchange for seamless user communications.

To view all available plugins, simply launch your exchange and go to your admin Operator Controls and click “Plugins” on the sidebar.

⭐ 256 Stars on GitHub

Recently HollaEx has reached a major milestone on GitHub with 256 stars!

For curious developers, entrepreneurs and businesses the HollaEx Kit on GitHub allows for a great testing environment as it provides all the basic assets, exchange features and 100s of exchange UX/UX pages that can be openly changed and customized to fit your brand, assets and digital marketplaces.

Give HollaEx open-source white label a test drive at https://github.com/hollaex/hollaex-kit and download the kit, then make an account on the dashboard. For further steps read the HollaEx docs, and be sure to give HollaEx a star if you find the exchange kit useful. ⭐

Next Up

Exciting things are on the horizon with the upcoming release of HollaEx! Our dedicated team is diligently working on version 2.8, which will introduce game-changing features for operators. One of the key highlights will be the implementation of comprehensive staking controls, empowering operators with the ability to create customized rule sets for their token staking pools. This unprecedented level of control will enhance the flexibility and uniqueness of each staking pool, setting operators apart in the market.

But that's not all! Cloud exchange operators will also be treated to an exclusive feature in version 2.8. They will gain access to a robust monitoring system, enabling them to closely track and analyze exchange server metrics and logs. This invaluable tool will provide operators with deep insights into the inner workings of their exchange, aiding in troubleshooting and gaining a better understanding of the system's performance.

Last but not least, HollaEx.com will soon have a whole new look and feel — that global crypto feel!

To the Most Powerful White-Label Exchange

Why settle for a mundane exchange experience when you have a HollaEx white label? With its cutting-edge crypto white label exchange, HollaEx v2.7 Hendrick allows you to focus on what truly matters: nurturing the growth of your business. 🚀

Raise your glass to a prosperous future for your online venture with HollaEx v2.7 Hendrick. Cheers to dynamic asset pricing facilitated by Quick Trade, Network Swap, and numerous new plugins, enhancing your trading experience. 🥂

To embrace the future by starting your own exchange business today on HollaEx dashboard, or witness HollaEx in action by booking a live demonstration. ⚙️

Wishing you continued success until our next update!

— HollaEx Team

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