About HollaEx Token and Staking

XHT powers the HollaEx exchange ecosystem and is used for coin activation, staking and discounted payments for cloud exchange plans using HollaEx Kit white-label software.

What is XHT?

The HollaEx Token or XHT is a ERC-20 based token that is used within the HollaEx ecosystem. It has an open market, limited supply and used within the HollaEx ecosystem for DeFi services as well as staking.

‣ ERC-20 based token (view contract)

‣ Total Supply: 200,000,000 XHT

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Who is it for?

XHT is for those are interested in getting involved in the whole HollaEx ecosystem. By holding XHT you are contributing to open-source crypto exchange infrastructure. XHT can also be used for staking which is collateral used to back certain exchange projects.

‣ ERC-20 based token (view contract)

‣ Total Supply: 200,000,000 XHT

‣ Distributed via the XHT/USDT market and stakers

‣ XHT exchange rate is free-floating

‣ Operators can use XHT to gain membership for extra exchange features.

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How does it work?

Similar to any other staking system XHT holders have the choice to lock up their XHT to help contribute to the network. XHT is used as collateral to support liquidity within the network and helps crypto projects that use HollaEx Kit open-source white-label exchange software.XHT is also used as a utility token for discounted payments in services and for unlocking and activation certain features such as coins, pairs and more.


Where to obtain XHT