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Learn how to get listed on CoinMarketcap

When launching a new crypto project, discoverability is key. Discoverability, in this case, means that your token is listed and discussed on reputable and relevant platforms that crypto consumers trust. After all, if your token is not listed on any well-known crypto sites, consumers are unlikely to trust it and pay money for it.

How to build a cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the banks in the crypto space. They have underlined their importance to the movement and trading of cryptocurrencies amidst regulatory challenges. Due to the myriad of issues that have surfaced because of the growing importance of crypto exchanges, crypto startups have to deal with the lack of visibility on their projects.

HollaEx Expansions to White-Label Cloud Exchange

HollaEx has announced the expansion of its white-label cloud exchange services for retail users and businesses.

HollaEx: Kit Makes Crypto Exchange Business More Accessible

As the HollaEx Kit tool is an open-source cryptocurrency exchange platform anyone can take the code and customize and rebrand for their own purposes. This makes it the best option for those looking to break into the crypto industry. Normally, in order to create a token or exchange, hiring developers and other technical staff is a requirement but not so with HollaEx.

White-label tool kit that allows you to start a global digital marketplace on your website.

It is the first product on the market that delivers powerful digital market platform at affordable prices and has all the features needed to create your custom-built style bourse from anywhere on the planet. Just add assets and create online marketplaces. With the HollaEx Kit you don’t have to build it all yourself because this white-label solution has the right mix of simplicity, plus functionality.