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How To List A Cryptocurrency On Coin Listing Sites

In this quick guide the most important aspects of Cryto asset listing are given, with were you can initially look to get listed, and fallback options for if your first attempt isn't succesful.

Top 10 White Label Exchange Solutions in 2022

Understanding the concept of white-label can be a little tricky, so in this article the concept and benefits behind white-label crypto exchange software are investigated.

Large Companies May Take Metaverse Market Share from Small Startups

In this interview on Hackernoon, HollaEx co-founder Adrian discusses the Metaverse, Crypto exchanges, DeFi, smart contracts and more.

How the Crypto Exchange Business is More Accessible With HollaEx

Accesibilty is at the very core of HollaEx opening up Crypto market ownership to pretty much anyone. Here Blockchain magazine gives some quick reasons why HollaEx should be looked at by both operators and coin creators.

How To Create A Crypto Token?

When craeting a token, there are a multitiude of factors to take into consideration. In this article, Luk at Tech Buillion investigates some of these factors, and gves advice on where to look, and what to do, for your new token.