HollaEx 2.8 (Knob)

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September 5, 2023
HollaEx v2.8 is here! Code named ‘Knob’, this update marks a significant milestone in our journey.
HollaEx 2.8 (Knob)

HollaEx v2.8 is here! Code named ‘Knob’, this update marks a significant milestone in our journey. We've introduced a suite of enhancements that strengthen our platform's core, enhancing speed and reliability. Let's dive into these improvements:

We've made substantial upgrades to our server endpoints and backend testing. These enhancements are crucial in ensuring that our platform operates seamlessly and efficiently. By investing in these areas, we've achieved a remarkable 1-2x increase in speed, making your trading experience faster and more responsive. (Note: DIY self-hosted exchanges can further boost speeds by using Cloudflare)

Our backend has undergone extensive updates, including the migration from Redis 6 to Redis 7.2 and an update from Postgres 10v (2018) to Postgres v14.9. These database upgrades not only keep our technology stack up-to-date but also contribute to the overall speed improvements of HollaEx v2.8.

But that's not all. We've also introduced a portfolio management feature, known as Donut. Donut allows you to manage your assets with greater ease and efficiency, providing you with more control over your investments.

At a glance portfolio percentage breakdown of all assets within your wallet.

In addition to these technical improvements, we're committed to maintaining the highest quality standards. Our internal quality assurance team ensures that every aspect of the platform, from server endpoints to user interfaces, meets our stringent quality benchmarks.

This massive under-the-hood change is just one part of what v2.8 brings to our community. We've introduced account deletion, empowering our customers to manage their users effectively. Alongside this, we've addressed numerous bugs and refined various aspects of the platform to provide a smoother experience.

New accounts setting page includes account deletion which requires multiple confirmation steps.

Here's a quick overview of some key improvements:

  • Enhancements to OTC dynamic broker for more accurate price estimations.
  • Support for a wider range of digital assets such as CRV, AGIX and 10+  more!
  • Improved OTC hedging (learn more about hedging here).
  • A significant 50% speed boost in the initial load time.
  • Enhanced handling of large CSV table downloads, especially useful for admins managing user deposit, withdrawals, balances, and other data.
  • More precise login device information.
  • Various enhancements in coin configuration.
Operators can now add many more assets to their exchange such as CRV, AGIX and 10+  more! The Quick Trade will automatically create tradable market paired against USDT (requires adding USDT to your exchange).

And there's more! We've revamped the Digital Assets Information page, providing comprehensive insights into tradable assets, their prices, and liquidity sources. These sources come in three types: Orderbook, Network Broker OTC, and Local Broker OTC. We're excited to introduce Network Broker OTC, offering broker deals provided by the HollaEx Network, alongside Local Brokers from the exchange itself and the shared order books among all exchanges within the HollaEx Network.

Asset info list now shows more information about other markets: Orderbook, Network Broker OTC and Local Broker OTC. Both Local and Network Broker OTC use the Quick Trade interface.

The Award Winning White-Label Exchange

With v2.8 now live, we're at the starting line of a new chapter in award winning HollaEx's journey. These technical improvements open the door to a world of possibilities, and we're committed to delivering the best white-label CEX in the Web3 space. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from us!

Wishing you continued success until our next update! ✨

— HollaEx Team

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