Plugin Apps and the HollaEx Exchange App Store

• Date Published:
April 14, 2023
World's First Crypto Exchange App Store -- Develop and Sell Your Own Plugin Apps for Crypto Exchanges
Plugin Apps and the HollaEx Exchange App Store

Introducing the HollaEx Exchange App Store - the newest way to level up your cryptocurrency exchange! It's like the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store, but for exchanges! Designed specifically for exchanges and their unique trading needs. With both free and premium plugin apps available, you can add extra functionality to your exchange and take it to the next level.

Whether you're a seasoned exchange operator or just starting out, the Exchange App Store has got you covered. You can browse and install approved plugins with ease, and even develop your own to sell to others.

HollaEx Exchange App Store

With the Exchange App Store now live, you can enjoy an improved operational experience when adding your own Plugin Apps. When you see the blue admin panel, you know you're in the right place to access the 🆕 HollaEx Exchange App Store where you will now see various types of new Plugin Apps, with more to come in the future. Some plugins require a higher level subscription plan, whilst others can be activated for free.

The payment type plugins currently available (details of each below) are ‘One-time activation’ plugins, with ‘Subscriptions’ and ‘Credits’ payment type plugins set to arrive in the near future.

  • One-time activation: Requires only a single payment for the Plugin App and it is yours forever, as long as you run the exchange
  • Subscription: Each month/ week etc. you will pay a fee to use the plugin
  • Credits: Loading your account with credits that are consumed as users of the Plugin App, for example for each user processed through the automatic KYC Plugin a credit will be consumed.

New Plugin Apps

In addition to the store, HollaEx has released a few new plugins, including the CMC (CoinMarketCap) plugin app that makes it easier for exchange operators to integrate their exchange into CoinMarketCap where all popular coin prices and exchange listing are.

Plus, existing plugins like the "Automatic KYC" and "Advanced Referral" have been upgraded and improved.

Developing Plugin Apps

As an exchange operator, you, or your team, can now develop and sell your own Plugin Apps on the Exchange App Store. This gives you the flexibility to get the specific functionality you want for exchange, all while offering an opportunity to earn income from your creations, and help other exchange operators enhance their platforms.

For the devs out there who want to investigate creating, and benefiting, from plugin creation, the best place to start is, as always, the HollaEx Docs. In addition, the YouTube channel is regularly updated with walkthroughs to guide through the processes from the Docs.

The Docs start with a quick walkthrough that will take a matter of minutes to complete, that will outline the creation of a simple plugin, both the front-end, back-end and installation on to the exchange.

Hopefully seeing how easy the basic steps are, will encourage you or your team, to get stuck in and create something brilliant!  

Once you’ve created a unique plugin app you can reach out with your new creation to get it listed with your price tag on the HollaEx Exchange App Store and start earning!

Monetizing a Plugin Apps

When developing your own Plugin Apps, you can monetize them in various ways. For example, with One-time Activated plugins you’ll just need to set the price once, explain what the plugin does and then earn away!

In the future there will be ‘Subscription’ payment type plugins that can earn recurring income from subscribers to the plugin. Also, ‘Credits’ Payment Type plugins, that charge upon the usage of the plugin so that frequent usage of a credit based plugin has a chance to gain passive income over time.

For developers who have developed a plugin app and want to list it on the HollaEx Exchange App Store, they can reach out to the HollaEx team with the details of their app and the price they would like to list it for. However, please note that one’s app must meet the standards for quality, security, and performance and thus will require a review process before an app is listed. Once an app is listed on the HollaEx Exchange App Store, it can be accessed by paying exchange operators of the HollaEx exchange platform, providing valuable exposure.

Buying a Plugin App

Buying Plugin Apps has never been easier! Simply click buy on any plugin directly on your own exchange’s Operator Control Panel and it will guide you to the Billing page, where you can select your payment type, and confirm the plugin purchase. The plugin will then be available to install or activate back on your Plugin App page.

Future User Activated Apps

In the future, users will be able to activate their own Apps for their account, further enhancing their exchange trading experience. These apps will be directly connected to some plugins.

A user activated app that is coming soon is an improved Referral App which gives the users more insight into how much income each referral has generated for them.

Another coming app will help provide a different view on the user’s wallet and balances. The app can show different data such as the profit and loss of the wallet over time.

User self activated apps are a good way to give your users more control over their trading account and are great for expanding the functionality of your crypto exchange business.

Visit the World’s First Exchange App Store for Crypto Businesses

HollaEx’s Exchange App Store is not only the first of its kind, but is the perfect place to find and develop Plugin Apps for your cryptocurrency exchange or to sell to others. With more plugins and features to come, the possibilities are endless. So, start your own exchange and visit the Exchange App Store today and see what all the fuss is about!

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