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What is HollaEx?

HollaEx is an open-source exchange software kit that allows anyone to start a crypto business.

The kit includes a coin and market creation system, as well as popular features found on your typical crypto exchange, such as price charts, orderbooks and trading.

👉Search 'HollaEx' on YouTube to learn more.


How do I open a crypto exchange?

It's simple, login and complete the 5-step process, select your exchange plan and go live on your domain. The process can be done in a matter of minutes*.

You can also learn how to build it free yourself by reading the how-to exchange guide here.

*Using the default cloud exchange settings and digital assets.


Can I add my coin or create a new coin?

Yes, if you have a coin already you can easily have that added. By default, there's a selection of popular assets such as BTC and ETH that can be added instantly!

Creating brand new crypto assets and trading pairs on the fly is also possible on the dashboard.


Can I see the exchange in action?

To get the best sense of what is possible we recommend signing up on the HollaEx Pro exchange. Once you've logged in you can make a deposit, start trading and testing. All you need is an email address.

Alternatively, if you do not want to register you simply view the live HollaEx public crypto markets list.


Will my exchange have liquidity?

Yes, for major crypto market pairs such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other large markets there will be liquidity. This means your platform will have full orderbooks and fair pricing upon launch!

NOTE: Markets for new coins require market making and is an additional service if required.


How can I get help?

Visit https://www.hollaex.com/contact

Reading the public HollaEx forums and/or studying the documentations is the best way to get help.

For developers and DIY exchange operators the HollaEx Discord channel is the place to be.


How much can I earn as an exchange business?

This depends on the trading fees you've set and the volumes traded by your customers on your platform.

For more precise information and to access these controls simply get your exchange live and access your exchange's Operator Control Panel and go to the Tiers->fees page, there you can set your own fees.


How do I get started?

Starting your own exchange takes minutes. Simply, register and login to the dashboard and click the big blue create exchange button. After you set up your exchange you can run it yourself or ask for exchange hosting assistance (cloud).


How long does it take to start my crypto exchange?

First you must create an account and login. It only takes 15-30 minutes through the cloud.

  1. Complete 5 basic steps
  2. Address your hosting bill
  3. Exchange will automatically build and go live in minutes

NOTE: For DIY exchanges, the fastest way is to simply download the kit, and select testnet (requires no account and login).


How secure and safe is the exchange solution?

The exchange software has been in production and extensively battle tested, with numerous audits for nearly 5 years.

The front end is built in ReactJs with server's APIs primarily in NodeJS. The full system is built with high standard in security policies and applies with all the best code practices in a micro service architecture environment. The wallet software is closely integrated into secure IBM hardware and has been used in the past by well as regulated exchanges in Asia and world and sustains a long and solid track record in the crypto industry.

NOTE: Platforms requiring an on premise solution with asset self-custody can request an Independent solution.


Is HollaEx Kit Centralized or Decentralized exchange?

The solution is an affordable do-it-yourself centralized exchange solution for business proposes. However, DeFi features will be added gradually in the future as another mechanism of exchange within the kit.


Is the project open source?

Yes. HollaEx Kit is open-source exchange software that can be downloaded from GitHub.


Can I contribute to the HollaEx Kit open source project?

Yes. The kit is free to modify and customization are encouraged. Various blockchain interactions and matching engine are managed by HollaEx Network which is beyond the scope of Yes. The kit is free to modify. In fact customizations are encouraged!

Various blockchain interactions and matching engine are auto managed by HollaEx Network (as a connected exchange to the network), thus modifications to these certain parts are out of the scope of the HollaEx Kit, as they are offered automatically to all exchange kit users.HollaEx Kit and is offered automatically to all Kit exchanges.


Is the code tested and audited?

Yes, the software has been in use globally since 2014 and can be self-audited on GitHub.

Note: As the law is applied different globally, you may need to follow other audit and compliance demands depending on the jurisdiction.


I want to know examples of successful exchange using your solution

You can view projects using the HollaEx Kit on the projects page. The HollaEx exchange is a live trading venue with 24/7 operational deposit and withdrawals that uses the HollaEx Kit exchange software. Anyone can try trade on the HollaEx Pro exchange with real crypto. To do so, simply register and login, deposit, and trade. Alternatively, a live market list can be viewed without registration here.


How can I improve the loading speed of the website?

We highly recommend you to point your nameservers to something like Cloudflare and apply a CDN so you also improve the site loading speed. This operation however causes some downtime so keep that in mind. Check out this doc for cloudflare: https://docs.hollaex.com/advanced/contents-delivery-network/cloudflare-cdn-for-hollaex


How much can I make by running an exchange realistically?

This depends on the trading fees you've set and the volumes traded by your customers on your platform.

For more precise information and to access these controls simply get your exchange live and access your exchange's Operator Control Panel and go to the Tiers->fees page, there you can set your own fees.


How can I list my exchange on CoinMarketCap?

For projects that have a coin, they can use HollaEx Kit white-label exchange solution to immediately self list their own coins on their own exchange. This increases that new projects get their asset listed on popular sites like CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko.

In general, the more listings, the better. Learn more about coin listing benefits here.


What are useful communities where I can chat and ask questions from other?

You can join the community chat on HollaEx Discord, or use the public Forum to ask your technical questions.


Where should I share my feedback and feature requests for future releases?

You can contact support@hollaex.com. We constantly add features, everyone is welcome to share ideas, feedback, feature request etc.

Forums and Discord have a feedback section that is encouraged to be used.


What is the main difference between cloud and DIY exchange?

The cloud exchange plan provides assisted exchange deployment, hosting and secure management of the exchange's server. You can start by deploying your cloud exchange with few clicks and enjoy a fully automated and smooth experience.

DIY exchange on the other hand needs to be deployed on your servers and you need to have technical knowledge and experience to get it started and maintain it.

There are upgraded plans in both cloud and DIY to upgrade and enjoy advanced features that you can check on pricing page.

NOTE: Due to the unique complexity of each DIY exchange, one-on-one support can't be provided. DIY operator must take complete responsibility for their own crypto exchange system or upgrade to cloud.

Exchange Plans

What do I need to run the HollaEx Kit on my server?

System Requirements, please read the installation guide:

‣ Debian-based Linux (Ubuntu), RHEL (CentOS), or macOS with Bash shell.

‣ Minimum 2vCore of CPU.- Minimum 4GB of Memory.

  1. Minimum 50GB of Free Disk Space.
  2. Latest docker and docker-compose.
  3. JSON Parser jq [DOWNLOAD].

Make sure your system meets the requirements above otherwise, you may run into unexpected issues.

Exchange Plans

Can I host my exchange somewhere else?

Yes. The exchange kit designed for self-assembly and thus can be self-hosted. Just export your exchange and host it wherever you like.

Self-hosted DIY exchanges are connected to the public HollaEx Network.

NOTE: For a private network please read the docs.

Exchange Plans

How much does it cost to start my exchange?

The costs vary depending on whether you self-host (DIY) the exchange or you outsource the hosting (cloud). Self-hosting and using the HollaEx Kit in its default state, with minimal customization is free and free to start and is the perfect option for presenting, testing or simply the crypto curious.

For a small recurring monthly payment, your platform can be run on a specialized exchange server on the cloud and will follow a revenue sharing model depending on your exchange's plan.


Is there any trial to test the exchange before purchasing any plans?

You can view pro.hollaex.com exchange as a live production exchange. The markets for trading can be reached through this link: https://pro.hollaex.com/trade/btc-usdt or a market list can be viewed at https://pro.hollaex.com/trade/add/tabs

NOTE: Visit the projects page and see what other operators are doing.


I want to delete my account

To delete account, please contact support@hollaex.com

Account & Payment

How can I get refund?

Refunds are generally not permitted. However, if you feel the service has not met your expectation you can contact support@hollaex.com to share your reasons for a refund request.

Account & Payment

How do I cancel the service?

If you wish to discontinue the service you can stop your exchange by terminating it through the dashboard hosting. Proceed to Hosting -> Danger Zone and terminate your exchange to stop the exchange and your subscription.

Account & Payment

What payment methods are accepted to pay for HollaEx services?

We use PayPal, direct bank wire deposit, and various crypto for our payment processing (XHT payments include a discount). You can pay for your plan’s monthly or yearly using these options (yearly payments save up to 47%).

DIY exchange operators aren't required to pay for usage of the kit as long as they deploy and host the exchange themselves (includes rev sharing).

Visa and Mastercard and other credit card payments are coming soon.

NOTE: All exchanges connected to the HollaEx network contribute to revenue sharing.

Account & Payment

Do you offer IOS, Android app for exchange?

The exchange software does not have an iOS or Android app currently.

The exchange website is fully compatible with mobile and is responsive. The mobile web version is available through the mobile browser. We have an open source code built in react native that you can utilize to build on your own for free. It provides both iOS and Android support.

Exchange Features

Which languages do your solution support?

It currently supports 15 languages (English, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Indonesian, Arabic, Persian) and new languages can be easily added.

The HollaEx exchange kit includes an strings editing tool that allows for label text editing, including language editing.

Exchange Features

Can I have referral system on my exchange?

A customized referral plugin is available to allow your users to help share your platform to earn certain rewards automatically.

You users can locate their unique referral affiliation code link on the exchange's summary page under 'INVITE YOUR FRIEND', users only need to copy, paste and share the address.


Can I black list certain countries to use my exchange?

You can apply country specific limitations on DNS level with services like cloudflare. In the exchange if they manage to pass that, they can register, however you may add certain tiering system to disable them from using the services (withdrawals, deposits etc).

Exchange Features

How can I manage the users of my exchange?

You can manage users through the Operator Control Panel in your exchange.

Exchange Features

Where can I get my exchange reports?

You can get a full report of your exchange and user's activity through the Operator Control Panel. Tables can be downloaded in the CSV format.

A backup of your database is also possible for cloud exchanges in the hosting->manage section of the HollaEx dashboard.

Exchange Features

How do I connect my exchange domain to my cloud exchange?

You can connect your custom domain on the hosting->Domain & SEO page.

Note: Basic cloud exchange plan won't be able to add a custom domain, however Basic does include a built in HollaEx domain for free.

Exchange Features

Can I have a landing page for my exchange?

Exchange's without a landing page will by default show the login/signup page with the exchange's logo as their landing page. It is generally recommended that a separately designed landing page is made, however for upgraded cloud plans (not Basic) do include a minimal but customizable landing page.

Exchange Features

Does the system support 2 factor authentication?

Yes. HollaEx supports the standard OTP (One time passwords) 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) practice and is automatically encouraged and recommended to all users using the HollaEx software.

The dashboard also includes OTP and 2FA and is highly recommended that it is turned on.

Exchange Features

Can I use the exchange to receive crypto payments?

Yes. The HollaEx system provides various crypto wallets with uniquely generated deposit addresses for exchange user, these deposit addresses can be used for payments.

There is even a plugin system to build your own payment system with your team of developers.

Exchange Features

How do I accept payments for my token sales on my exchange?

HollaEx is integrated with Vault which is a crypto wallet management system. Vault accepts deposits for multiple crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, USDT and others. If you have a bank connection or third-party payment provider setup you can add them to your exchange to accept fiat deposits, this requires access to the bank or payment provider API system and an upgraded plan to Fiat Master cloud or DIY Boost.

Exchange Features

How do I customize the exchange interface?

Exchange admins are provided with a panel that handles customization for changing UI colors, graphics, as well as all the text (strings). Adding a new language is also possible.

For those on higher cloud exchange plans, a built in landing page and a way for operators to add their own GitHub repo and code for easier exchange customizations.


If I have a tech team, can I fully customize the exchange as I wish?

HollaEx Kit is open-source exchange kit that can be downloaded from GitHub. The exchange software is free to modify and includes features that encouraged customizations.

For the fastest deployment and testing it is recommended to go with a testnet exchange which is an option presented in the Exchange Server Initialization stage for DIY exchange users.

At anytime an exchange can be upgraded to the cloud for added support and ease-of-use in the hosting page of the exchange dashboard.


How can I add custom scripts to my website into head and body?

You can use the code-inject or console within your exchange once you've logged in as an admin. Like other web builders, you can simply put the code directly in there and publish the changes which will appear on your live exchange.

For cloud exchanges you can use the exchange dashboard and go to hosting>Domain & SEO page and go to the bottom of the page and open the 'Show advanced', there you will be presented with head and body input area, after which you should save and upgrade to apply changes in manage section.


How do I customize the content of the exchange?

For cloud exchanges, on the Custom page there is a GitHub repo section that will allow for quick changes to your platform. Simply, upgrade your cloud exchange and apply your own custom GitHub repo and code your exchange.

Alternively, for DIY exchanges, you can fork the HollaEx Kit repo and custom code the changes but do not this is unsupported and the full responsibility of the operator.


How do I add a new language to the exchange?

You need to fork HollaEx Kit repo and add a translated version with a new language by referring to en.js. Pull the request after it has been added and it will be applied in the next release.


Where do I customize my token's icon?

You can upload a graphic during your custom token on dash.hollaex.com, or once your exchange is live you can upload a graphic while you are in the edit mode. Simply click the 'Enter edit mode' tab at the bottom left.


Can I pay to get custom development done for my exchange?

Custom development is subject to review and requires that you submit clear instructions for what you are looking for. For additional customization we offer custom development packages which is hourly based and the number of hours is calculated based on how much work it takes for your exchange customization.


Where do I get the API keys and secrets to develop a plugin?

Coming soon...

Read https://docs.hollaex.com/how-tos/develop-plugins for more info on plugins.

Plugin & API

How can I make an API Documentation for my exchange users?

For the API docs, there is a GitHub repository https://github.com/bitholla/hollaex-apidoc that you can utilize to build your own API documentation website.

Plugin & API

What are the coins supported in HollaEx?

Simply login to your exchange dashboard to view the most updated list of assets and markets supported by HollaEx.

Alternatively, on pro.hollaex.com you can view the live liquid markets that are available to all exchange operators.

Coin & Market Pairs

Can I add my custom coin?

Yes. If you have a coin already you can easily add them, however custom coins require activation. By default. HollaEx provides a selection of the most popular assets such as BTC and ETH which can be added instantly.

Creating brand new crypto assets and trading pairs on the fly is also possible on the dashboard.

Coin & Market Pairs

Do I have to add a market pair for trading?

In order to make a market an asset should be paired up against another asset for the purpose of pricing and trading. Market pairing is accomplished through either an orderbook or an OTC broker system, both includes an easy step-by-step set up in the Operator Control Panel.

However, HollaEx can be set up without markets and with only a wallet. A wallet will still allow for deposits and withdrawals.

Coin & Market Pairs

Do I have to pay to add new assets and markets?

In order to add a new coin/token or a new market (trading pair) a 10,000 XHT donation is required for activation.

Higher level cloud exchange plans include 1 free activation, including DIY Boost.

Coin & Market Pairs

How to integrate my exchange with a bank to support fiat?

To integrate fiat currencies you either have to upgrade your cloud exchange to a Fiat Master plan subscription or upgrade your DIY exchange to DIY Boost. With the Fiat Master plan the integration will be taken care of with the fiat bank integration and KYC/AML option of your choice.

(Note, a banking or payment processor partnership should be first established)

Coin & Market Pairs

How are wallets being managed?

The exchange's funds are stored using bitHolla's business Vault which is a specialized wallet for exchange businesses that monitors, manages and secures crypto assets.

All exchanges operating as part of the HollaEx Network have a business Vault built-in, meaning the exchange funds are managed automatically by the Network. The Operator Control Panel (blue admin) that is included as part of the HollaEx Kit software reflects all user accounts and balances.

Wallet & Transaction

Can I use a different wallet custody such as Bitgo and connect that to my exchange?

That's only possible with enterprise independent (private network) option. Your exchange will be hosted on premise with training option etc. In case you are interested, simply reach out to discuss this option.

Wallet & Transaction

Can I store the funds on my cold wallet?

Yes, Vault supports both hot and cold wallet requirements. For the purposes of an exchange business where real-time deposits and withdrawals are required, then Vault's hot wallet is perfectly suited for this business purpose. For long-term crypto fund storage with minimal withdrawal access, a cold wallet Vault solution is available upon request from bitHolla.

Wallet & Transaction

My user deposited some funds to his wallets but it's not showing in his wallet.

You should go to your exchange in history → deposits and click on 'check deposit status' and provide the information. It would then automatically gets processed.

Wallet & Transaction

Can spot and futures be traded?

Only a spot trading system is available at this time.


Is margin trading available?

Margin trading is not available currently within the HollaEx Kit system.


How many trades per second does the system support?

There are no restriction on the number of transactions, the matching engine can easily manage thousands of transactions per second and is quite scalable.

For private networks, the engine trades per second is based on your server infrastructure.


Can I set different trading fees for my users?

The trading fees can be set by in the by the admin in the Tiers>Fees page in the operator control panel. Simply, create a user level tier and adjust the maker and taker fee rates in the Tiers>Fees page for each user level tier.


How does the revenue sharing work?

All exchanges running as part of the HollaEx Network contribute portion of their revenue that is generated from trading fees. This is then shared to the network.

Note, that there are minimum trading fees based on your exchange cloud plan or membership status.

For more info visit https://www.hollaex.com/pricing or visit your exchanges billing page.


What is the minimum trading fee I can set?


Cloud Basic: 0.3% maker and 0.3% taker

Crypto Pro: 0.1% maker and 0.1% taker

Fiat Master: 0% maker and 0.05% taker


DIY Basic: 0.3% maker and 0.3% taker

DIY Boost: 0% maker and 0.05% taker


How can I add liquidity to my markets?

You can add liquidity with third-party market maker services that are widely available online. HollaEx follows the CCXT standard which makes it easy to make your own market making bots.

For assets and markets it is the responsibility of the operator to manage the market making. However for exclusive members, Robolla the market making service bot can be provided to mature markets, at cost.

NOTE: All exchanges connected to the HollaEx network are provided liquidity for major trading pair markets with large volumes automatically.


Do I get help with liquidity and market-making?

We have a bot software called 'Robolla' that can be utilized for automated trading and remarketing from other exchanges and is only available upon special request and is typically only used for market making on established markets.

New bot liquidity strategies can be made for custom asset pricing and/or for generating market activity as well as other strategies.


Where is the liquidity for some of the markets coming from?

Some larger markets such as BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT are supported by HollaEx Foundation. A market list on pro.hollaex.com exchange displays the live shared liquidity markets that are available to exchange operators.


Can I integrate Robolla for my markets on my exchange?

Yes, Robolla is an automated smart market making service. It supplements exchange's market liquidity and is an efficient way to generate activity. Robolla can reliably draw price history charts and sources liquidity from over 40 exchanges.

Depending on the maturity of your markets, Robolla can be offered as an exclusive added service at cost.

NOTE: Inventory for trading is required to run the bot.


Can I integrate Robolla with my exchange?

Yes. Robolla is a smart automated market making service which greatly benefits the liquidity on your exchange. It is currently used in production with connection to over 40 exchanges and can be utilized and used in a wide range of markets from newly created markets, to more deep liquid markets. Depending on the maturity of your markets, Robolla could be offered as a service.

Alternately, discussion around bot creation for HollaEx can be found in the forums.


Will my platform have liquidity?

Yes, for major trading markets like Bitcoin, Ethereum and other high volume coins the liquidity will be included.

The liquid markets can be instantly added to your platform. Once added your exchange will have a dedicated live trading pages, active orderbooks, accurate pricing and an ability for your users to buy and sell from your own branded platform.

Which plan do I need to choose for supporting fiat assets?

Fiat assets for cloud exchanges can be added on Fiat Master plan. If you are a DIY exchange, you need to upgrade to DIY Boost. Once the plan is activated, one fiat asset of your choice will be activated which allows you to manually mint and burn the asset and credit users as you wish. You would need to connect that system to your bank to process deposit & withdrawal into your exchange. You can read more about it here.

Exchange Plans


The HollaEx Network Tools Library Intro

In this video we'll look at a somewhat more overlooked inclusion in the HollaEx Kit.

Network Tools give you the opportunity to use the same functions that power the HollaEx infrastructure, allowing for new and novel ways to take advantage of HollaEx.

DIY Exchange Setup

The DIY setup for the HollaEx kit may seem somewhat intimidating at first, but this video will show you how simple it really is, guiding you through the process needed to setup up your HollaEx exchange using just your terminal and browser.

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