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Who can use the HollaEx exchange?

HollaEx is distinguished as one of the most accessible, secure, and enduring white-label crypto exchanges, known for its simplicity in the listing process. It serves a wide range of users and organizations, including mid-size businesses, small enterprises, freelancers, and nonprofits. Our platform is carefully designed to meet the diverse needs of users entering the dynamic global crypto online business landscape.

Coin & Market Pairs

Who can use HollaEx coin and market listings?

Whether you're a mid-size business, small enterprise, freelancer, or nonprofit, our platform is tailored to meet the diverse needs of users seeking opportunities in the crypto business. HollaEx invites individuals from all backgrounds interested in venturing into the crypto market to harness the power of asset digitization. Benefit from our streamlined asset listing services on our easy-to-start, user-friendly, and inclusive platform.

Coin & Market Pairs

What are the benefits of using HollaEx for crypto exchange listing?

Using HollaEx for crypto exchange listings or coin and market listings, crypto companies and projects can access a diverse community of crypto traders and investors. The increased visibility can significantly enhance their chances of attracting potential investors, key stake holders and traders to their projects. HollaEx's network of exchanges also ensures broader market reach and easier self-capitalization and market making for your newly listed tokens, namely through the inbuilt 🔗OTC broker dealer system.

Coin & Market Pairs

What is the listing process for crypto projects on HollaEx?

The crypto exchange listing requirements and process may vary based on the specific exchange within the HollaEx network. However, generally, projects will need to use upgraded 🔗plans and need to demonstrate legitimate use, strong community support, and compliance with regulatory standards. Once these criteria are met, the project is thoroughly evaluated to ensure it aligns with the exchange's policies and goals. There is also a 1,000 XHT donation fee required for subsequent coin listings beyond the provider one included in the upgraded plans,

Coin & Market Pairs

Are there any specific requirements for token developers who want to list their tokens on HollaEx?

To list your coin on HollaEx, simply run an exchange with our upgrade plans — 🔗 Boost, Crypto Pro, or Enterprise. A 1,000 XHT donation is required for new custom asset activation and listing, but upgraded plans typically include at least one custom coin activation.

Some digital asset and token developers need to meet specific criteria, including adherence to blockchain standards, a legitimate use case, compliance with regulatory standards, and active community support. For more details on asset token digitization, check out our blog at 🔗https://www.hollaex.com/blog/tokenomics.

Coin & Market Pairs

How can I buy or sell cryptocurrencies on HollaEx?

Users can deposit funds into 🔗HollaEx Pro exchange account and trade, or users can deposit on any HollaEx powered exchange. For buying software related services, there are various payment methods, included on the 🔗dashboard. For large payments and wire transfers contact us. For direct listings either you can use a plan that includes the coin activation/listing or make a XHT donation. Once a custom asset is listed on a crypto exchange the wallet for that asset will be available to all trades on that platform with trade execution options though an orderbook or OTC depending on the platform's operators exchange platform setup.

Coin & Market Pairs

Does HollaEx cater to beginners and experienced traders?

Yes! HollaEx provides user-friendly interfaces and trading tools suitable for beginners while the Quick Trade interface, while offering advanced trade orderbook trading features and technical analysis tools for experienced traders. A live example of the trading interface can be reviewed at 🔗 https://pro.hollaex.com/markets

Coin & Market Pairs

Why should I choose HollaEx?

HollaEx is backed by a dedicated core team with expertise in blockchain development and the crypto market since 2016. The platform supports over 100 of the top crypto asset (with more added regularly) and offers a user-friendly setup and even a dedicated mobile app for users that like to trade on the go. By charging competitive exchange listing fees, HollaEx provides opportunities for crypto projects to get listed, increasing their chances of success in the crypto space.

Coin & Market Pairs

How does HollaEx determine the exchange listing fees for cryptocurrencies?

HollaEx crypto exchange listings are consistently 1,000 XHT per listing, however certain plans will include a free listing. In addition, only the higher level plans will include the custom coin listing:

  • Plan: 🔗Crypto Pro, Enterprise and Boost allow for custom coin activation and listing. They also include a free activation for one free custom digital asset or token.
  • Token type: HollaEx considers their classification, such as utility tokens and whether they are ERC-20 or other blockchain-based tokens. Feel free to reach out to get your token evaluated for listing. Different token types may vary in complexity and requirements, affecting the processing times for token activation and listing.

Once listed, you have the option to set up an orderbook market and/or an 🔗OTC desk against USDT or against another popular pricing currency.

Coin Listing Pricing

What are the crypto exchange listing fees on HollaEx?

All upgraded plans include one custom coin listing as part of The listing fee for crypto exchanges is 1,000 XHT (🔗HollaEx Tokens) and necessitates an upgrade to the Crypto Pro, Boost, or Enterprise plans. Each of these upgraded plans incorporates one custom coin listing as a part of the package. To obtain XHT simply visit 🔗https://pro.hollaex.com/trade/xht-usdt

Coin Listing Pricing

Do companies with crypto tokens need to pay additional charges for listing on HollaEx?

The token listing and activation are permanent, and depending on your plan (Crypto Pro, Enterprise, Boost, etc.), the listing may be included. However, operational costs (server hosting or cloud expenses) are incurred to maintain the live status of the exchange.

Coin Listing Pricing

What type of pricing plans does HollaEx platform offer?

HollaEx aims to empower projects by providing a platform with lower fees than traditional listing agencies. HollaEx’s Crypto Pro plan and all other higher level plans include 1 token activation and listing. The plans offer several pricing plans to suit different needs, so you can choose one for your crypto business model. 

Basic DIY (self-hosted on-premise) is available for free, while cloud plans start at $700 a month or $5,500 per year (discounted rate for annual payment). By offering cost-effective solutions, HollaEx ensures crypto projects can allocate more resources to their development and marketing efforts to thrive in the competitive crypto space.

Coin Listing Pricing

What does HollaEx offer in terms of payment methods?

For cryptocurrency projects, HollaEx accepts various payment methods, including card payment, and various types of crypto. A discount is provided on any XHT payments. For smaller transaction PayPal is also a payment option.

Coin Listing Pricing

What are HollaEx's core products and services?

HollaEx offers a wide range of products and services for crypto exchange listings, including an advanced trading platform, blockchain development solutions, and community management tools. These allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, conduct technical analysis, and manage their exchange accounts efficiently.

HollaEx also offers various trading tools, including technical analysis indicators, real-time market data, and orderbook depth charts, OTC brokers and much more to assist traders in making informed decisions.

HollaEx services

What is HollaEx's coin and market listing service?

HollaEx's Coin and Market Listing service is a platform that facilitates the inclusion of various cryptocurrencies and tokens on different crypto exchanges. It offers a seamless and efficient process for crypto projects to get listed on an exchange, gaining exposure to a broader audience of potential investors and traders.

HollaEx services

What are the top cryptocurrencies available on HollaEx?

HollaEx features a diverse range of popular cryptocurrencies available for trading, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top crypto assets. Login to your 🔗exchange dashboard to view the most updated list of assets and markets HollaEx supports.

HollaEx services

Does HollaEx have a mobile app for trading on the go?

HollaEx does offer an exclusive mobile app for select clients (reach out to HollaEx to get access to our app). The app allows users to trade cryptocurrencies conveniently from their smartphones. The app works for mobile Android and iOS, as well as desktop systems such as Windows and macOS. Note, extra fees apply for the HollaEx White Label Exchange App.

HollaEx services

What key factors do users consider when choosing the best crypto exchange?

Users often consider factors like exchange fees, reputation, trading volume, available cryptocurrencies, and security measures when choosing a crypto exchange.

General HollaEx FAQ Coin Listing

How do different countries' exchanges impact the availability and criteria of coin markets?

Each country's exchange has its own localized coin markets. For example, in South Korea, digital assets are only listed on South Korean exchanges. If you run your own exchange, you have the flexibility to create highly customized asset listing criteria, whether open or highly selective.

General HollaEx FAQ Coin Listing

Can I setup a staking pool on my exchange?

Yes, setting up a 🔗staking pool using HollaEx's white-label exchange is possible for CeFi style staking.
(Contact us for DeFi staking)

Exchange Features


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