Welcome to the new HollaEx site and blog!

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November 1, 2021
HollaEx has come out with a new website, with a new blog and a new look, and with only 2 months left in 2021 it came just in time.
Welcome to the new HollaEx site and blog!

HollaEx has come out with a new website, with a new blog and a new look, and with only 2 months left in 2021 it came just in time. The new and improved HollaEx site will cover all the open-source crypto infrastructure related materials and progressively roll out content to help budding exchange operators, coin creators and tokenomic projects.

Before we get into what is new in HollaEx, let's cover what has been going on in the industry. First, Bitcoin prices have made a comeback and touched new all time highs. Not to mention the HollaEx Token price also claiming new highs at $0.33.

The timing of ATHs couldn’t have been more impeccable with the newly launched US bitcoin ETF (BITO). This ETF has been pretty much 10 years in the making, going back to the Winklevoss twins who first floated the BTC ETF as far back as July 2013! Unfortunately, the twins were beaten by ProShares, but no doubt an BTC ETF all round is still a big win for the entire industry that will be sure to push Bitcoin closer to the mainstream.

The US BTC ETF now out there for TradFi to get involved.

2021 has also brought on significant progress for decentralization with many bitcoin miners making an exodus from China. Now what was once a concentrated industry is now more spread out all thanks to yet another China ban.

To add, thanks to the migrations of miners out of China the energy sector seems to have adopted the mining technology. Could further involvement from big energy help contribute to decentralization? Who knows but one thing is true, bitcoin mining will likely get more energy efficient with the help of energy producers getting on board.

In other wider macro news fears of inflation seem more real than ever with prices of everything on the up and up, and crypto seems to be taking the brunt of inflation with continued sky high prices, especially in certain countries like Turkey where crypto prices have reached all time highs long ago.

HollaEx in 2021 also saw an increase in adoption and with more people joining the open-source exchange community there is more helpful content being created by the community that can be easily found by simply searching HollaEx in Google.

Some examples of community created content for the Spanish speaking audience can be found in this video review by John Patrick Acquaviva, who was kind enough to explain some of the HollaEx benefits and hurdles.

If you are a non-spanish speaker but want to watch the video, you can always turn on Closed Captions (CC) and click the gear icon, then select subtitles, turn on auto-translate and select your preferred language.

Read on below to find out what has happened for the last several months in HollaEx and the open-source exchange community world.

New Site, New Look!

As mentioned the HollaEx website is new and will continue to consolidate information related to the best white-label exchange HollaEx. All dashboard operations have also been moved to dash.hollaex.com.

Along with HollaEx Forums, Discord and the soon to come new FAQ help section HollaEx.com will be the main domain for all things DIY self exchange hosting and coin related.

Version 2.2 of HollaEx Kit was released!

Just a little over a week ago a new version of HollaEx was released. This version 2.2 was a long 3 months in the making with many community requested features added. There is now an easy way to add SEO data to your exchange and better ways to add coins and markets too.

Here are just a few of the new features and improvements:

  • Lower time-frames for charting added with 1 and 5 minute candles
  • Add SEO metadata to get easily found on search engines
  • Improvements for adding coin and market to your exchange via blue admin (Operator Control Panel)
  • New security features added to make your exchange operations even more secure
  • New and improved Quick Trade with side-by-side market data
  • And much much more!

To see the full list of feature upgrades visit https://docs.hollaex.com/releases/versions

XHT added to The Crypto App

Great things are also happening outside of HollaEx with The Crypto App. A useful free app that includes crypto wallets, tracker, alerts, widgets, news etc. It is one of our favourite apps for watching numbers go up and now you can watch XHT go up too!

After adding XHT and the amount you hold The Crypto App will display in real-time the total value of your XHT. If you add other coins it will total them up as well, giving you the total portfolio balance value you hold. Very useful for those crypto traders and hodlers alike.

All you need to do to add XHT to your app is to go to Portfolio> Tap the + add icon at the bottom of your portfolio list > Select MANUAL INPUT > Open the dropdown > Search XHT or HollaEx > Add HollaEx Token and now input the amount of XHT you hold.

Get it at https://thecrypto.app/ and add XHT and watch numbers go up today!

Even more coins and markets!

Recently a few coins have caught the attention of the mainstream. One in particular was SOL, coming out of nowhere. Another was AXS, a gaming based tokens.

HollaEx now has these new markets and coins ready for any exchange operators to add to their own exchange. Operators can now find SOL, AXS, AVAX and LINK markets against USDT and add it through their exchange dashboard under ‘markets’. Just add the coin in the ‘assets’ tab first and go to the ‘market’ add the new market.

Also, LTC and DOGE wallets are now functional for both withdrawals and deposits. Both these coins can be useful fast and low-cost on-chain fee coins for those that do frequent blockchain transactions.

Check out the markets and login to see active wallets on the official HollaEx Pro Exchange.

Premium Plugin -- Auto KYC

As originally mentioned on the HollaEx blog, the first premium plugin was added. This premium plugin is designed to streamline the manual process of checking, storing and confirming identity information by utilizing image scanning technology.

The premium plugin is called Auto KYC and does all the KYC work for you. The premium Auto KYC plugin can be activated on your exchange dashboard at https://dash.hollaex.com/kyc

Anyone can build their own plugins for your exchange but stay tuned for more HollaEx premium plugins to come.

In the works

Below are just a few things in the works that will come to an exchange near you soon!

OTC Broker

From the beginning HollaEx has always been an orderbook driven platform, but that comes with significant hurdles for niche or younger projects that may not have the market making power to uphold a full orderbook for a new coin. And even though orderbooks should be the ultimate goal there should be alternatives for easier market management and coin pricing. This is what the HollaEx OTC Broker system does.

The exchange operators will only need to pair up their coin with an adequate pricing coin such as USDT and set the price — simple!

The HollaEx OTC Broker will drastically reduce computing resources and thus drive down overall infrastructure costs, not to mention reduce operational complexity on operators. Win, win and win.

Smart pricing and sourcing

While still in the early stages there is exploration being done in connecting prices from centralized and decentralized price sources as well as applying smart pricing logic. Prices sourced elsewhere can be fed into the broker mentioned above and can help operators establish reliable prices for their digital assets.

More to come on smart pricing and sourcing over the coming weeks.

Closing thoughts

The open-source exchange community in 2021 has definitely grown and is in a prime position to spread crypto infrastructure to where it is needed most. For those looking to get more information on how to start just here, or read on below.

To learn how to get an exchange up and running fast search HollaEx on YouTube. For detailed steps visit the docs at http://docs.hollaex.com/

If you’d like to do your part for the exchange community or if you happen to be a developer you can simply run your own exchange by downloading the exchange kit from GitHub.

If reading long blogs is not your thing you can instead add HollaEx Telegram and get only the major updates as they happen. Alternatively, you can stay in the loop by following HollaEx Twitter.

For fun memes and general content follow HollaEx Instagram and Pinterest.

For the more technically gifted or for those that want to get behind the scenes of the open-source exchange community then joining the HollaEx Discord channel and the HollaEx forums is the best way to go.

And lastly, if you have skills and feel you can contribute to the open-source exchange community you can try out the HollaEx quiz. Answering correctly could also win you 100 XHT!

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