HollaEx on AWS Marketplace

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May 31, 2022
When it comes to server management there can be a lot of technical upkeep and seemingly obscure hardware and software dependencies.
HollaEx on AWS Marketplace

When it comes to server management there can be a lot of technical upkeep and seemingly obscure hardware and software dependencies. This is especially true if you are a newbie to hosting and server.

Suffice it to say, it can get complicated, and if you’ve never heard of Linux, Docker, or JSON Parser there is a good chance you will be taking a good part of a day or even a week to gather all the necessary know-how to start your own DIY HollaEx exchange…what a bummer.

But there is good news! With the new AWS HollaEx pack, experts and newbies alike will save themselves a lot of stress and can enjoy an even more streamlined exchange creation experience. The HollaEx AWS is a nicely packaged solution on AWS Marketplace, it means less time tinkering – more time HollaEx exchanging!

Read on below to learn more about HollaEx on AWS Marketplace.

What is AWS?

Simply put AWS is a cloud platform that allows anyone to host things like websites and applications on Amazon’s server machines. Amazon will take care of all the hardware, and operating systems technicalities.

AWS is big, it helps countless businesses behind the scenes around the world and is a trusted solution by professionals, enterprises, and crypto platforms alike.

What is the AWS Marketplace?

The AWS Marketplace is a curated and qualified list of partners (like HollaEx) offering their software to AWS Customers. It is an online software store that helps customers find, buy, and immediately start using the software and services by running it on AWS.

In short, AWS Marketplace is a shortlisted digital catalog that manages third-party software like HollaEx to host and build solutions and run their businesses.

Visit the profile of HollaEx AWS here, or alternatively DigitialOcean.

Who is it for?

It is for anyone looking to run their own DIY exchange. If you as an exchange operator want more control over your data and don’t want to manage your own server machines then outsourcing it to a data center is a perfect solution for you.

DIY operators for HollaEx DIY Basic and Boost are the perfect target audience for HollaEx AWS.

If you are just starting out and want to test the HollaEx system out on a budget then using HollaEx AWS is a fine choice. As AWS includes many of the tools needed to get you started on your online business journey.

What are the advantages?

For experts that are already in the AWS ecosystem, you can now enjoy using all the familiar AWS CLI terminal tools you know and love and is sure to save time for even the most experienced user.

If you are just starting you can save days of setup, all you need to do is follow the HollaEx docs. The HollaEx AWS package will include all the software prerequisites like Docker, Docker Compose, and hardware requirements so that you can go live with your crypto blockchain platform in minutes at extremely affordable prices.

How do I start HollaEx on AWS?

You can read more about getting started with AWS here or simply jump right into it by creating an account on 👉AWS here.

After creating an account, log in as a root user. Once you are in, proceed with your account activation which will require adding a payment method. After that, you will be given access to AWS products and services for free! You can learn more about the free AWS tiers here.

Once you’ve hit subscribe on HollaEx AWS page you’ll then see a blue ‘Continue the Configuration’ button in the top right corner of the page.

Once you click the ‘Continue the Configuration’ button you will be taken to a Configure this software page where you can select your Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and other config details.

Next, you can select the instance which can simply be a t3a.large (read all about t3a’s here).

Once you’ve set the HollaEx software instance it will be automatically created on your own machine in an AWS data center!

The HollaEx instance information can be checked through the EC2 console afterward.

You can then connect to your instance with an SSH command. Just open your terminal and change the directory with the command cd and type the SSH command.

Once all is said and done, you'll soon find yourself with your very own DIY crypto exchange on AWS!

First time DIY exchange operators will be operating a 'Basic DIY' exchange, which is the freeware version of HollaEx. DIY Basic exchanges still enjoy liquid markets and still have the ability to connect their domain name however some functionalities will be restricted. Operators seeking more functionalities however can at anytime upgrade to DIY Boost which includes powerful features amongst them a fiat system and the ability to remove the HollaEx referral badge.

Note, that for team and businesses compositions DIY management of servers may not be efficient, in this case the HollaEx cloud exchange plans are a great solution. Cloud exchange plans come with automatic exchange deployment and includes the secure exchange server management. Cloud users also can enjoy the ease-of-use through the cloud HollaEx dashboard hosting page found at https://dash.hollaex.com/hosting.

If you are already an AWS customer visit 👉HollaEx AWS page and hit that yellow ‘Continue to Subscribe’ button!

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