White Label Exchange Software HollaEx 2.0 has landed!

White Label Exchange Software HollaEx 2.0 has landed!

December 21, 2020

It’s finally here, HollaEx White Label 2.0!

Happy Lunar New Year 🌟 in the year of the bull! If you are superstitious, this year should bode well for markets and crypto projects alike.

For those that have been in crypto awhile, traditionally, the Lunar New Year brought great volatility to the crypto markets and we can say this year around the traditions remain true all thanks to Tesla.

To start, it is worth noting that before Elon Musk decided to put Tesla’s balance sheet into BTC there was a notable Twitter engagement on the availability of liquidity in BTC.

Elon inquired Are such large transactions even possible?.

Meaning, is there enough liquidity to move billions of dollars through BTC?


And the conclusion was yes, in 2021 there is sufficient liquidity to handle the billions.

So what happens when you couple the ultimate liquid asset with HollaEx 2.0 exchange kit? You get the ultimate white label crypto exchange!

When the kit was first started it was intended to be a neutral exchange software package that can be retrofitted into multiple use cases and multiple assets, and that is very much still true today.

But thanks to the boardless nature and the sheer universality of crypto HollaEx’s white label is now backed by a powerful liquidity network.

So without further ado, let's review what’s inside this white label crypto kit!

Feature 🤑 rich!

Whatever you have in mind, the kit can probably do it. With a little elbow grease and a tooled-out team, anything is possible. Below are some of the major updates.

💧 Let liquidity flow (Feb 18th, 2021)

First, the much-anticipated feature is the HollaEx liquidity network which is simply a series of interconnected exchanges all trading with one another. The first operational pairs will be the two largest markets BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT respectively on February 18th, 2021.

All HollaEx operators that are running an exchange will be able to add these native HollaEx markets from their exchange dashboard, and once the exchange is live those markets will have full order books to trade on from day one, and fully drawn historical price charts.

The interconnected HollaEx Network of exchanges reduces the expensive capital costs of market making and is a godsent for those bootstrapping their newly created crypto platforms.

Major markets will now include liquidity and will be provided to all exchanges that connect the HollaEx Network.

New liquid markets will steadily be added but anyone is welcome to create their own market on their exchange themselves. This leads to our next feature, coin and market pair creation!

💱 Set them up then pair them up

What makes coins and tokens so special? They are special because they are global by virtue of the blockchain they live upon. This ability to be shared once they are created makes them useful for trading and measuring devices for unlimited business applications. However, the hard part about coins and tokens is getting them paired up, or priced against other assets. This process is called “forming a market”. Markets are how prices are made and discovered. HollaEx’s white-label solution allows anyone to add or create new crypto assets on the dashboard and then pair them up against USDT or a fiat currency.

Watch 5 minute YouTube video here on how to add new digital currencies and assets to your white label exchange.

With an inbuilt crypto wallet, you can create and add multiple crypto coins to your business and provide a way for your users to hold and gain exposure to crypto assets with 24/7 exchange capabilities.

So how does it work? Simply, click ‘create or add a coin’, once the coins are added it can be paired up against other coins in the ‘Markets’ page. Visit the HollaEx YouTube channel for video walkthroughs on this. HollaEx makes it significantly easier to list your assets or any other assets.

Anyone that has a new coin idea can set up the coin on the dashboard, just input the parameters of the coin and submit it for review, and if all the details are provided and a donation made to the network is given. Coins that already exist on the blockchain can also be easily added, simply input the token contract address during the coin setup (video example for ERC-20).

When a new asset/coin has been verified and activated, users on your exchange will be able to see the new corresponding asset on their wallet page which can be used for depositing and withdrawing the asset.

Watch videos on how to start a market on YouTube here. Learn to pair coins up to create a new markets or add existing popular markets like BTC/USDT or even ETH/BTC.


Once, a coin has been added it can now be paired up with other assets to create new market/trading pairs which will be available for trading on your platform (for example MYCOIN/USDT or MYCOIN/BTC). The process is similar to coin creation and requires a final check on the parameters before being activated.

The great thing about the white label provided by HollaEx is its easy step-by-step coin and pair setup which is designed to be highly usable by anyone, and not just financial gurus.

🛠️ Custom crypto exchange

The direct edit features now give the flexibility to customize your platform, here you can add your custom coin graphics, and change the labels/language to suit your business and marketing goals.

Not only colors change between themes but graphics such as the loading gif and other icons can be set to be theme specific.

One novel capability in Kit 2.0 is being able to not only specify different colors for each theme but different graphics, like new loading gifs for each theme. This gives the fine-tuned control required to get things just right on your platform.

Watch a 10 minute video on YouTube about how you can customize & rebrand your white label crypto exchange here.

This video provides a walkthrough of the customization features available in the HollaEx white label system.

Now that’s customized finance!

👷 Connect with exchange builders

We all want the same thing, and that’s a better financial system that we can all build upon and that actually works over the internet, which is why we started the HollaEx Discord channel. It is all going down in the newly formed Discord channel. Here you can suggest features, help point out bugs, and get tech recommendations when using the HollaEx white label exchange.

Get early sneak previews and be in the know by joining the HollaEx Discord channel.

There is also the HollaEx Telegram channel and Twitter if you’d like to get compact unintrusive occasional major updates in your daily driver messaging app.

As the open-source exchange software grows so does HollaEx’s Resource, where you can search and find answers to all your https://www.hollaex.com/pricingFAQ.

If you need more hands-on help then the growing community forums are the place to go. Searching the forums and bringing up questions is the best way to get thoughtful and detailed answers.

For those that want the white glove treatment, the cloud subscription plans include individual email support which provides consultation and covers those business-oriented areas and guidance on technology.

Teams that are technologically endowed always go straight to GitHub, where everything is provided free open-source so that we can spread crypto 🌍 to where it is needed the most.

☁️ Automated crypto exchange on the cloud

It is important to note that the kit will remain free to those that set up their exchange themselves and host it and is called the DIY exchange. However, for those that require a little assistance or may want to skip the technical deployment a cloud exchange subscription is available to get exchanges operating fast!

Pay for your white label cloud crypto exchange with the HollaEx Token during checkout and get a huge discount on subscriptions. Go to dash.hollaex.com and start today.

Most other crypto white-label exchange providers will require multiple steps and many more zoom calls before the platform goes live but not with HollaEx’s white label, it is designed for the cloud, and now has a streamlined subscription payment process which, of course, accepts cryptocurrency payments for both monthly or yearly cloud exchange subscriptions.

The subscription as they scale up provides more customized features such as adding a custom token and market, and other branding enhancements. As the base package, everything is provided to go live super fast, and all plans can be downgraded and upgraded simply by contacting sales.

😎 Features coming soon...

Customizable homepage

Many have requested an inbuilt front page or default homepage. This is something in the works and will give crypto projects all the elements needed to communicate the project clearly on a single page.

Sneak preview of the home page with section rearrangement and with some of the same direct edit/custom tools. Simply turn it on in the blue operator control panel under general.

The homepage like other pages on the kit will have the flexibility to do real-time customizations to the page. The homepage can be turned on via the operator controls and will be the first page users will see upon first visiting the platform. On the homepage, new users can review the content before proceeding to the onboarding (login/sign up) and accessing the crypto goodies inside.

Some new customization capabilities will be added like being able to rearrange the sections on the page and the option to add dynamic elements like live market data (crypto prices) sourced from the exchange itself.


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